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I’m sick of hearing about cinco de mayo. CincoDe a Mayo is a celebration of Mexico reneging on an agreement to pay its Debts to France and then murdering the French when they came to collect. Not a very honorable thing to do much less celebrate. The holiday celebrates a Mexican victory against the French that got the nation out of paying their debt to that Thanos Salt Bae Shirt. While America was embroiled in the Civil War, the French Army under General Laurencez was moving across Mexico. In 1862, the French Army with forces from Queen Isabella II of Spain and Queen Victoria of Great Britain landed at Veracruz. The goal was to collect a debt owed to them by Mexico from President Benito Juarez. With intentions to intercept custom payments in exchange for the debt, the custom house at Veracruz was taken by the three armies. Efforts began to work out an agreement with Spanish and English diplomats and Juarez. When an agreement was reached, the armies of Spain and Great Britain departed. The French Army meanwhile stayed and headed for Mexico City. In their march toward Mexico City, the French Army met heavy resistance near Puebla. A small army of Mexican militia estimated at 4,500 men under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zarangoza Seguín stopped and defeated the French army of 6,500 soldiers. I won’t be drinking any beer in calibration of this non American holiday ike the idiots who don’t even know what it is they are celebrating. Jose Valencia .. I know it makes it easy for illegals to
Use that to excuse illegals acts of coming into the US but most educated people that know history know that Mexico sold parts of California to the US . Then Mexico invaded ( dirty move btw) to take it back by force , The USA won and to teach Mexico a lesson took even more land . Lesson learned . It’s in most high school text books. Only one fact I need to know: It’s Mexican independence day and therefore it has no business being celebrated in the United States.  First of all its not the Mexican Independence Day that September 16 and it’s not a national holiday in the USA so get your facts straight before you open your uneducated, vile mouth.  I do not care about this.

Thanos Salt Bae Shirt

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We are not Mexican and are tired of our traditions and flag getting a back seat to traditions that belong elsewhere. Very educational Carlos Diaz de Leon, I learned a few other facts I wasn’t aware of. Gracias.  Could really care less…it is not an American holiday. It’s not American. Let them celebrate in Mexico. I am tired of American kids being stripped of their birth right by LIBTARD educators who make them take off American patriotic clothing in deference to Mexico. I have to admit, I knew little of Thanos Salt Bae Shirt. I knew that France was aggressive and tried to occupy Mexico but that’s it. Interesting stuff. Mexicans should be proud of May 5th. Is Also an excuse to celebrate how awesome is mexican culture  ? and for all the mexicans that used to live there even before all the south and florida were part of Mexico.  Totally misunderstood, most people don’t even know what it is, it’s just an excuse to party and drink.  It’s just a reason to get hammered more than usual on a Tuesday night. Nothing more. Nothing less. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s because USA copy’s the celebrations of other countries cause they don’t have any one. Don’t know, don’t care. Grew up in Canada. Never even heard, until I moved back. I’ll take St Pat anytime. People that think so much of Mexico what are they doing here in the U.S.A. go back home and see what the Mexican government will give you!!! Well, France wanted to divide USA after the battle and make country with the sour States. Probably that is one of the reasons too.  We knew that funny shirt.

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