Review I Am A Marvelaholic LOng Sleeve T SHirt

This movie will surely gross more than the Epic Fail Justice League. Spider-Man’s t3 skill is called “i don’t feel so good”. Gerson Domingo Relojero it opened but with issues and was closed. It will open again later. If Ebony Maw’s uni is not called Squidward Im uninstalling lol jk. Also Drax uni better make him invisible like he was in the movie.  Meh. just a cash grab now. no interest in t3 or 4 or 5. more engaging content that lasts longer than 5 min would be nice.  I agree! Who in the bright mind made a game where you enter a stage twice and have to wait 21hrs until the entry is reseted!

Or your energy is out. “Please buy more or wait a few more hours.” Get the fck out!!! yup I’ve been playing since launch and it just doesn’t excite me anymore….very sad. would love for netmarble to work on some sort of story or challenge that keeps players going  That’s what I have always been saying about T3….It’s a huge cash grab….And because of some whales in the game who just buy anything they come across,Netmarble brings in more cash grabbing deals…..So other players suffer…..This all began cause of the damn Ultimates update.  Even though i agree that this game is a lot better than contest of champions i gotta admit that contest of champions is much more active.  Totally agree. I’ve also been playing since launch , the contents just become more boring with each update, it becomes a grinding game.They could work on better character balancing than introducing t3 character to us. I still remember the excitement i once had when there is new update coming out… It’s just sad to see everything has changed, not for better but worse, I love what they did for fans, I once thought they might be fans just like us, but now I just see business men who just want more money from their end users, lack passion and surprise… I think the only reason I’m still here is my love to the characters. Looking for a tough fight with coop system? You should try DC Unchained, even your maxed out you’ll not have an easy win. But sadly, it’s mats really hard to get

I play both actually and mff really the easiest. No matter how many t3 you release as long as its takes too long to acquire and eats too many resources people will eventually get bored. Why? So far I can do everything in the game including shadow land and ultimate world boss (I can get to 19 only because you need cap t3) with just my t2 characters I have now.

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