Review Fortnite Just Play It Long Sleeve T Shirt

I’ve got someone point blank with a legendary heavy in the head and only done 1 damage 4 times in a row only for the guy to turn round and one shot kill me with a green revolver. I know this because once I was dead he dropped it for my heavy. ‘Cause you have to aim for the body… Though last time I managed to sneak up behind a sniper I did 235 or so damage with a headshot from an uncommon pump shotgun – and that from several meters away, which isn’t point-blank at all. So many things they can vault. No one uses the bush, lmg, minigun, crossbow, desert eagle, magnum.  Christopher Brown you’re crazy saying no one uses the LMG, magnum, or hand cannon. Also crossbow has been vaulted. I use the lmg time to time, have gotten kills with the hand cannon and magnum but i dont really like them. Christopher Brown I use the revolver and desert eagle, just because you don’t use them doesn’t mean other people don’t. Rip fortnite. Cod did the same. Look where it is now. Was thinking the same thing. they are messing with the flow of the game to much adding Jetpacks in, I hope they don’t stick around, or I wont be buying Season 5 BP and ill likly stop playing the game.  I think it is pretty good, same thing woulf get tired quick. + they put this for trial time, if its does not work they will remove it. Fortnite Just Play It T ShirtStop crying and enjoy the game, if you dont then nobody cares. Oleksandr Katailo whos crying? all i said, was i hope it don’t stick around. and if it does i wont support the game anymore by buying the BP… Ricky ‘Tricksy’ Farndon it says it right there. You should try reading the patch notes first. I wish ya would stop complaining the jetpack hasn’t even come out yet. Cod was ruined before they added jetpacks. And to be honest this would be perfect for the floor is lava mode and 50 vs 50 on a future map. Oleksandr Katailo nobodys is crying granpa. I lovr this game. Just like i did with call of duty. Then they added jetpacks. Never playt it after that. Courtland Tippitt i wish you just scroll when you read something you dont like. My opinion i dont ask for your opinion.

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