Why Be Racist Sexist Homophobic Tee

You proud “Mexican-American” people should be celebrating 16 de Septiembre! Also, what exactly is Mexican-American anyway? I am Mexican, and Mexico is located in North America so I’m technically Mexican-American as well lol (for those of you who don’t know about Why Be Racist Sexist Homophobic Shirt, America is a continent with 3 subdivisions: North America, which includes Mexico, Central America and South America).
I live in paradise, the Mexican Caribbean, in a town full-packed with people from different nationalities, and the gringo community is huge here, all of them are “American” expats that embrace Mexican culture and came down her to experience what living in paradise really feels like. None of us care about Cinco de Mayo here, and we do love Mexican culture and tequila  ?.

Why Be Racist Sexist Homophobic Shirt

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I love my country!  Carmen actually America is on the continent of North America. America is not a continent but a country. You may live in a paradise but you live in North America because there are 2 continents that meet in your area. Those 2 continents are North and South America. Central America or Latin America is not a continent but the nickname of an area that includes all Spanish heritage countries.  As a Hispanic I honestly don’t care. The majority of Hispanics do not care. Why? They’re busy drinking just like the white shirt. Grand parents came to the US from Mexico legally. Never seen a white Texas Mexican? Grew up on the border, get off my level hoe. What?????? No One offended you or insulted you to call me a hoe, why even reply that makes no sense at all.  Love how you wanna play the ancestors are Mexican card, but you had to wash it up by saying Hispanic. And you are right as a WHITE Texan, you don’t get to speak for Mexicans. Yea… hispanics and latinos don’t care about this holiday really because it’s literally only a Mexican celebration. Amy Contreras no one really cares it’s the stereotypical sht they use like the sombrero and mustache and pancho! They think that those things represent us mexicans which is not true at all it’s annoying being thought of as people who wear sombreros and mustaches like no that’s not what our culture is like. Enjoyed the info till it went political, and the do’s and don’ts…. gtfoh…. you don’t see the Irish get all pissy when everyone else non Irish gets down. Drinking green beer and corned beef hash. Montserrat Dwyer I knew all you progressives were a bunch of little racists. You’re talking to a whale who can also write. Don’t you dare being an ass to this wonder of nature. Montserrat Dwyer, fist yourself. Irish people have loads of pride and for good reason  ? the Irish just aren’t a bunch of ninnies who get their panties in a twist at every opportunity.  Thomas Croysdill No, that’s only you with your blinders on. Way to create a safe space for yourself. Thomas Croysdill ah yes.. let’s generalize the whole group just because of what one person said. Very mature. The best part of being America is that you can do what you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. As long as it’s legal that is lol no one actually cares about your political correctness. Pretty much. Like enjoy the damn festiveness of the holiday. It is NOT that deep! It’s a cut and dry watered down “American” celebratory day. You forgot to mention that you dumbfuck Americunts can also keep Why Be Racist Sexist Homophobic Shirt you like.
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