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Just because you aren’t experiencing lag doesn’t mean millions of others are not. I’ve seen the floating guns and have not been able to switch guns during a battle. As a matter of fact just a few minutes ago my game completely froze up. Only played 2 games after a very lengthy update of 10gb. Then couldn’t get into a que. Had 3 or 4 can’t connect to server errors. I guess this game is only good and has no issues for pc users. So I guess ill put it on my pc and test this b.s. out to see if that has half the shit ps4 users such as myself have. Since last weeks update the game has ran like absolute trash. They haven’t even fixed any of the major issues people have had with it. But by all means lets make sure we do a large update and add a couple more things that could screw the game up more. But yes its a free game and yes I enjoy it when its running better than it has been lately. I have 2mg download and about 1mg up and I can play perfectly fine so stop complaining that are giving updates nearly every week or so.

Fortnite Legend ShirtThis game is becoming more and more of a joke with the new updates. Seems like with every update you guys do theres another update the next day to fix the problems the new update caused. The game was perfectly fine months ago smh. Fortnite are we ever getting the completed story for save the world? it’s such a blast and I really enjoyed the first 30 so percent of the story but I grind everyday nonetheless because I freaking love it.. it’s just something I would like to know or should I stop playing and wait for it?  There’s a bug where the matchmaking gets all fucked up when the whole squad presses ‘Ready’ and it gives us an error, and we have to wait until the ready icon is able to be clicked on. They fix dozens of bugs and do something about stability issues in nearly every single update. What on earth are you going on about? Fortnite how about a zombie mode? Random 10 people are zombies,the rest fight it out for survival. One hit from zombie turns you into zombie. Last one standing wins. Upgrade to the Xbox one x! Fixed all My issues. I used to lag and drop frames all the time. Runs perfect now. It’s not a fn problem, it’s either your shit system or shitty internet.  Michael Murphy then just leave the game then go back to the lobby and turn squad fill on its not that hard bro.

You guys need to patch the bunny ears flopping all ovee the screen its getting annoying and no i wont change skins if i laid 15$ in wearing it till i die.

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Creig Roberts they’re playing a perfect well executed game. I don’t think they will continue to hit 3 in the 2nd half. If we can get a bigger lead it will cause them to speed up the game and that will fall right into the heels hands.  Ed Hudson I think it’s the whole unc nation , well except maybe 1% , that always get on be about not supporting him. Man forget that, he’s soft and weak lol. Go heels. Creig Roberts you’re right. Anything can happen. Unc just need to keep playing their game and attack. Play good defense and get This victory.  He is one of them players where u cannot continue to ride him. He will wilt.  2nd half team time again, time to turn on that switch again. Points in the paint and get ND in foul trouble. Let’s get this UNC!!!!!! One of the major things killing us is our guards are not fighting through screens, so bigs are stuck guarding a guard for the three, and able to drive by them. Has happened all night.

Bae Black And Educated ShirtAlso, meeks contributed to eight of their baskets right out of the gate. Acts like he doesn’t even want to be there.  Anytime you’re up at the half at this stage of the tourney you’ve got to be happy, especially with the offensive outputCarolina has had. I am struggling to understand the defensive strategy to switch out bigs onto NDs guards on ball screens, that’s asking a lot from guys like Brice to stay I front of Jackson. Hopefully the Heels make some halftime adjustments defensively and start to dig in to slow NDs offense. 100% agree with you. Need to step out on top of the screen and use the bigs to cover but guards need to recover faster.  Cool them 3 down from ND. Go to a 2-3 zone they really don’t have no good scorer big man to go down low too score; go that way 2-3 you shut down them 3s if (ND)they want making 3 this 1half wood be a blow for by the Heels.. Go Heels my say.  If they can shut Jackson and Beachem and Auguste down its over. We got Auguste and Beachem with two fouls. Got go zone ND running all over the court calm them down real fast at some point…. Keri Deshaun Gardner.  Man we need to step it up. This was a pretty bad half. Don’t leave Beachum. And Meeks, for the love of God….don’t be such a hindrance to the team ! What are you doing out there ?

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I’m sick of hearing about cinco de mayo. CincoDe a Mayo is a celebration of Mexico reneging on an agreement to pay its Debts to France and then murdering the French when they came to collect. Not a very honorable thing to do much less celebrate. The holiday celebrates a Mexican victory against the French that got the nation out of paying their debt to that Thanos Salt Bae Shirt. While America was embroiled in the Civil War, the French Army under General Laurencez was moving across Mexico. In 1862, the French Army with forces from Queen Isabella II of Spain and Queen Victoria of Great Britain landed at Veracruz. The goal was to collect a debt owed to them by Mexico from President Benito Juarez. With intentions to intercept custom payments in exchange for the debt, the custom house at Veracruz was taken by the three armies. Efforts began to work out an agreement with Spanish and English diplomats and Juarez. When an agreement was reached, the armies of Spain and Great Britain departed. The French Army meanwhile stayed and headed for Mexico City. In their march toward Mexico City, the French Army met heavy resistance near Puebla. A small army of Mexican militia estimated at 4,500 men under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zarangoza Seguín stopped and defeated the French army of 6,500 soldiers. I won’t be drinking any beer in calibration of this non American holiday ike the idiots who don’t even know what it is they are celebrating. Jose Valencia .. I know it makes it easy for illegals to
Use that to excuse illegals acts of coming into the US but most educated people that know history know that Mexico sold parts of California to the US . Then Mexico invaded ( dirty move btw) to take it back by force , The USA won and to teach Mexico a lesson took even more land . Lesson learned . It’s in most high school text books. Only one fact I need to know: It’s Mexican independence day and therefore it has no business being celebrated in the United States.  First of all its not the Mexican Independence Day that September 16 and it’s not a national holiday in the USA so get your facts straight before you open your uneducated, vile mouth.  I do not care about this.

Thanos Salt Bae Shirt

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We are not Mexican and are tired of our traditions and flag getting a back seat to traditions that belong elsewhere. Very educational Carlos Diaz de Leon, I learned a few other facts I wasn’t aware of. Gracias.  Could really care less…it is not an American holiday. It’s not American. Let them celebrate in Mexico. I am tired of American kids being stripped of their birth right by LIBTARD educators who make them take off American patriotic clothing in deference to Mexico. I have to admit, I knew little of Thanos Salt Bae Shirt. I knew that France was aggressive and tried to occupy Mexico but that’s it. Interesting stuff. Mexicans should be proud of May 5th. Is Also an excuse to celebrate how awesome is mexican culture  ? and for all the mexicans that used to live there even before all the south and florida were part of Mexico.  Totally misunderstood, most people don’t even know what it is, it’s just an excuse to party and drink.  It’s just a reason to get hammered more than usual on a Tuesday night. Nothing more. Nothing less. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s because USA copy’s the celebrations of other countries cause they don’t have any one. Don’t know, don’t care. Grew up in Canada. Never even heard, until I moved back. I’ll take St Pat anytime. People that think so much of Mexico what are they doing here in the U.S.A. go back home and see what the Mexican government will give you!!! Well, France wanted to divide USA after the battle and make country with the sour States. Probably that is one of the reasons too.  We knew that funny shirt.

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Thanos Was Right T Shirt

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To answer the article: depends if the electorate are desperate. The people in the urban centers will vote for him. Metro Manila moreso.
Bet spongebob could defetd thanos..if thanos tried to punch spongebob,sponge bob would simply absorb the energy like he did against the infamous “flat the flounde

 And believes he’s working for the greater good. Instead of some villains who just have no mission it seems other than being a pain for someone.

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Why Be Racist Sexist Homophobic Tee

You proud “Mexican-American” people should be celebrating 16 de Septiembre! Also, what exactly is Mexican-American anyway? I am Mexican, and Mexico is located in North America so I’m technically Mexican-American as well lol (for those of you who don’t know about Why Be Racist Sexist Homophobic Shirt, America is a continent with 3 subdivisions: North America, which includes Mexico, Central America and South America).
I live in paradise, the Mexican Caribbean, in a town full-packed with people from different nationalities, and the gringo community is huge here, all of them are “American” expats that embrace Mexican culture and came down her to experience what living in paradise really feels like. None of us care about Cinco de Mayo here, and we do love Mexican culture and tequila  ?.

Why Be Racist Sexist Homophobic Shirt

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I love my country!  Carmen actually America is on the continent of North America. America is not a continent but a country. You may live in a paradise but you live in North America because there are 2 continents that meet in your area. Those 2 continents are North and South America. Central America or Latin America is not a continent but the nickname of an area that includes all Spanish heritage countries.  As a Hispanic I honestly don’t care. The majority of Hispanics do not care. Why? They’re busy drinking just like the white shirt. Grand parents came to the US from Mexico legally. Never seen a white Texas Mexican? Grew up on the border, get off my level hoe. What?????? No One offended you or insulted you to call me a hoe, why even reply that makes no sense at all.  Love how you wanna play the ancestors are Mexican card, but you had to wash it up by saying Hispanic. And you are right as a WHITE Texan, you don’t get to speak for Mexicans. Yea… hispanics and latinos don’t care about this holiday really because it’s literally only a Mexican celebration. Amy Contreras no one really cares it’s the stereotypical sht they use like the sombrero and mustache and pancho! They think that those things represent us mexicans which is not true at all it’s annoying being thought of as people who wear sombreros and mustaches like no that’s not what our culture is like. Enjoyed the info till it went political, and the do’s and don’ts…. gtfoh…. you don’t see the Irish get all pissy when everyone else non Irish gets down. Drinking green beer and corned beef hash. Montserrat Dwyer I knew all you progressives were a bunch of little racists. You’re talking to a whale who can also write. Don’t you dare being an ass to this wonder of nature. Montserrat Dwyer, fist yourself. Irish people have loads of pride and for good reason  ? the Irish just aren’t a bunch of ninnies who get their panties in a twist at every opportunity.  Thomas Croysdill No, that’s only you with your blinders on. Way to create a safe space for yourself. Thomas Croysdill ah yes.. let’s generalize the whole group just because of what one person said. Very mature. The best part of being America is that you can do what you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. As long as it’s legal that is lol no one actually cares about your political correctness. Pretty much. Like enjoy the damn festiveness of the holiday. It is NOT that deep! It’s a cut and dry watered down “American” celebratory day. You forgot to mention that you dumbfuck Americunts can also keep Why Be Racist Sexist Homophobic Shirt you like.
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Yeah he’ll get beat but he won’t die if they wanted to kill him they would have got the The Rolling Stone Shirt to kill him then destroyed the stones. How can he be right, when he kills Elizabeth Olsen? That right there, is a prime set of boobs. How can he be right, when he kills Elizabeth Olsen? That right there, is a prime set of boobs.  This is illuminati plan , Microsoft plan also except we can colonize other planets Haha it’s weird how he would never choose himself to be rid off along with half the population. Marshmello, if you’re team of Thanos you should be careful because John Wick is comming to kill Thanos. Marshmello and Juicy J just dropped a brand new single titled “You Can Cry” featuring James Arthur. Listen to the full song on our page! Why that dude got age progression makeup on? He’s like, 32 years old trying to look 70! What’s THAT about? Janice sounds too much like Thanos for it to be a coincidence. Beware the new “Thanos” virus. It will delete half your phone contacts in a snap. evon Marquis Hackettseeing your previous post about infinity stones I thought this might make you laugh . Someone do a Marvel “Friends” opening parody already! But he is an Arrested Development fan.
The Rolling Stone Shirt

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This was shown in The Reality Stone scene at Knowhere. Why would you go see the movie without me . Explains how they could afford those nice New York apartments. An amazing thing happens when we allow God to change our hearts. He fills us with his unconditional black men’s t shirt and enables us to reach out to our husbands wholeheartedly without demands or preconditions. So no one told you life was gonna be this way… Beware the new “Thanos” virus. It will delete half your phone contacts in a snap. But he is an Arrested Development fan.

This was shown in The Reality Stone scene at Knowhere. An amazing thing happens when we allow God to change our hearts. He fills us with his unconditional love and enables us to reach out to our husbands wholeheartedly without demands or preconditions. Shout out to the guy who introduced decompression in comic books. All of your power to create your life is available right now, because right now is when you are thinking. If you have had some thoughts that will not be beneficial when they manifest, then right now you can change your thinking. You can erase your previous thoughts by replacing them with good thoughts. Time serves you because you can think new thoughts and emit a new frequency, now! – The Secret. When you delete unnecessary people from your life, good things will start happening for you and it won’t be a coincidence. A movie crap, badly developed characters, the villain’s CGI is terrible, bored the first half and the plot is so ridiculous that makes the heroes depend on a single character at the end of it all.
And that is my opinion of Justice League, Infinity War was intense and perfect.  You must work as a clickbate journalist. You grab attention with the first sentence… and then let everyone in on the REAL story only after rampant sensationalism. You suckered me in, but I saw my error. Yeah ima be real here
Like real real… I grew up with both batman and spiderman being my all time heros so i can’t pick a The Rolling Stone Shirt, i’m in between. I love both so ima just say the honest truth…. Yeah JL movie had many CGI failures not to mention that hilarious awful mouth CGI and the plot was ehhh…

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I’m sure she dealing with enough as if having a baby is not emotional/hormonal enough dealing with drama from her child’s father just adds to it. Congrats khloe your still my favorite!!! Khloe Kardashian I sincerely wish you all the best what ever life events that happens enjoy your beautiful new blessing. I’m so sorry you have so much to deal with right now you deserve all good things! Prayers. Love the Operator Beavis And Butthead Shirt and The Pink! Congratulations Khloe and Tristian babies are a beautiful blessing that not everyone gets. Why do people have a say anyway of the next person….. if anyone had a 10c to contribute to the birth of her baby then yes say something but no no one did so stand in front of the mirror I would say and criticize yourself if it makes u sleep at night ….. I love the name to b bold so that they have reason to talk …. What the hell is wrong with the name True? It’s not as common as Ashley, Karen or Jessica, but it actually IS a name. My middle name is Michele, one of the most common names in the world. I used to not appreciate my first name, but as I got older, that changed, because, to my knowledge, I am the only one witht that name. So when some one calls it in a crowded room of people I know they are talking to me and I’m the only one who will answer. Happy for you Beautiful! You’re a new mommy and you’ve been waiting so long for this! Congratulations and Best Wishes! You have to try and stay positive but so many woman this man does not love her. Lamar I believed loved her the drugs made him delusional. Triston no way. I would pack it up and head back to my family for some true love . Can’t wait to see her!! Glad to finally know her name! Remember she’s YOUR baby..
You name her what you want and raise her how YOU want.Anyone who doesn’t like it can have their own baby and name them what they want. Kinda sad how she just had her first baby and so many people are knocking the name that she named her OWN KID!

Operator Beavis And Butthead Shirt
Let her enjoy her first baby!! I think that the new T-shirt is pretty and very different, there could be a story behind the name.

Khloe your gonna be a great mommy and I bet your daughter is freaking gorgeous.  ❤

You deserve the world!! It is a unique name, but also looks like a following of your sister Kim. I’ve always had so much respect and admiration for you. And then name your daughter that with her father that represents 0 in that name is actually very sad.  one day you will see how much worst Tristan was to have done this too you than ever any day or short moment Lamar did A. He knew your experience. B. he had no not one personal, family or health issues that led to this C. He wasn’t and couldn’t even stay faithful to you for an entire year? D. He did what he did because he could and he can and still say “he loves you” E. He’s a professional habitual Liar D. Lamar when confronted confesses all truth unlike Tristan who still feels justified E. You knew from Operator Beavis And Butthead Shirt and contributing to a cheaters ways that Tristan would cheat and will cheat again on you F. He hides behind a spiritual belief of his family which he doesn’t practice in real life G. He’s a super liar – H. These women are telling the truth and one may be TRUEly pregnant I. Truth is Tristan is not ready to be committed to you.

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When goods can’t cross borders, soldiers will. Yes sir! America to be great again with great leadership. Reagan had to repair Team Colonizer Mayo Shirt. Same thing now. Expect sixteen years of America to be ran by American patriots.  I wonder how many steel mills are left in America after the big steel depression?? When all the steel mills were closed!!.. 500 jobs makes you wonder how many other jobs will be lost in other industries from prices being affected an other tariffs being put on other products from other countries in our country ?

Team Colonizer Mayo Shirt

They need to get labor costs associated with steel – aluminum competitive or it won’t make a differance- open back up the taconite mines up in Minnesota.  I am a NRA member, I conceal and carry, and a Conservative myself. You are so inspirational! Can you send me Team Colonizer Mayo Shirt and we can set up a day for you to call in? 40 yrs experience in manufacturing here, a lack of reliable high quality steel with short lead time impacts our price competitiveness. We may feel some short term pain as we “tool up” but domestic steel manufacturing is a national economic must to sustain or economy and infrastructure rebuilding.

Ted, don’t support this , Eek you’re a multimillionaire so in a trade war you’ll be fine, the normal people are the ones who will get hurt and pockets will be pinched. Lmao the news says this is going to make the price of beer go up…They’ll try any thing to get real Americans mad at Trump….news should had said now the price of guns will have to go I am kinda bummed with the last gun grab I was hopein my 762 would be worth $800 again lmao.

Just as the Dumbocrats said the tax breaks would be a disaster, this too will prove them wrong! Let them eat crumbs!  I’m all for the red, white and blue forms of conservatism, but raising domestic consumer prices doesn’t strike me as patriotic. I hoped for a different solution to China.

I held my mother in my arms when she died 3yrs and 9 mths ago. She had no common theme. In spite of her paralysis from the brain tumour she was lucid. The only regret she expressed was that she could not do more of what she was doing already …which was live …more. She died not so quietly and not really pain free. I will never really know. All I know is that I was with her. We looked at each other and knew that there were no regrets. Not one. She would never have done anything differently because she valued the principles of life. And there was none of this, ‘What more could she want?’. Of course she wanted more. It’s not as if she had a choice. Who does anyway?
But she had no regrets. And when my time comes, neither will I.


1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Funny Tote Bag Shut The Fuck Up Shirt


Shut The Fuck Up Shirt

Anything is possible it all takes work be positive, be happy have faith enjoy your life as much as you can. Some people I know always say I can’t afford organic they make fun of me because I share about GMO’S and share about all the toxins in our food and everything we use from cleaning products, make up etc. Their response is well we have our cell phones, microwaves the air we breath, Internet all the radiation and pollution it’s all around us what does it matter we can’t get away from it we are going to die anyway. With this kind of attitude you will die sooner than you think we all can do our part to help our body, mind and souls it’s possible and you will live a better life but it takes work if you really want it. Being miserable by looking at everything through negative goggles eating processed foods and no excercise you will be miserable feel sick depending on the drugs Doctors prescribe that only makes us more sick.

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I’m a dad grandpa and a veteran you don’t scare me shirt

I bought snarky shirts like that for my oldest daughter. She was a straight A I’m a dad grandpa and a veteran you don’t scare me shirt, antisocial, hated talking to anyone, never had a teacher call to complain about her, she graduated a year early and is married with children of her own now. Lighten up everyone, the comments on a shirt don’t decide a child’s behaviour.

I'm a dad grandpa and a veteran you don't scare me youth tee

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Goku Adidas Shirt

The Amateur League – Delhi season 2, is scheduled to start on Jan 28th 2017, there will be 1 friendly days before the main league starts which will be played at Sirifort sports complex. It will run for about 4 months and will provide you with a professional environment to showcase your skills DSA referees will be officiating each game. Each player will also receive customized dri fit jerseys.

It’s official. Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat are going to do battle in the upcoming Official Dragon Ball Z: Goku Adidas Shirt game. This will be fun to watch. Last month, it was revealed that Goku Black Rose, along with Beerus and Hit, will be joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster in time for the game’s launch later this month.

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