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We got bigger problems to worry about than some old washed up football player. Laugh a little it will make you breathe easier. I’m die hard cowboys, but this is not a good look on us The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Sweater. Garret has no control, we need a no nonsense coach to come in and bring structure to this team. All garret does is clap every time they do something wrong, there is no accountability here. We have a damn good team but horrible leadership, we are a good coach away from getting to the top. Garret is a good guy, but he is to soft. Tough coach and a lot of this shit will stop. For those of you who explained this being photoshopped, you’re a lifesaver to me because I was like “How could Dallas sign a 70 years old rb who’s still in prison until October”. All of you are awesome! I’m saying if he did are he didn’t do it just saying they didn’t charge him with a murder case so you people that’s crunk up about my post it’s not a black are white thing it’s just facts.

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Your incessant until proven guilty court say different so he was found notguilty In really just tired of hearing about it. I’m ready for football season how about y’all. Look i need to emphasize that the only reason that oj was found not guilty was not because of lack of evidence is because of rodney king… Explain,the officers who beat Rodney were found not guilty despite the video evidence. Now this was an all white jury. Now here comes oj lawyers with the help of the D.A. and they choose minority jurors Meaning in their mind they didnt care if oj did or dinmd not do it. They still hsve in their heads that these white cops got away with beating a blackman and found not guilty. So they said who carez abt these 2 white ppl,we were treated worse with the king trial. So they found him not guilty.This was a way of getting back at the city.. Was there really hard evidence. A little. To almost decapitate a woman you need The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Sweater that he has. O J was a great football player back in the day, do I like him as a player yes, as a man no, was the video funny yes.

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They are the best and developed a Tim Burton Johnny Depp Jack Skellington You Can’t Sit With Us Sweater which knocked back Iran’s nuclear advance by years. Then Obama did a deal and for the moment this is contained. I have a suspicion that the failed missile launch and the previous one could have been the result of just that….. and if this is the case well done. The Israelis are the best in this and they will have helped the US. Did you know that China has stopped buying coal and told North Korea last week that they would quit providing them with crude oil ( their only source) if they do any more nuclear weapons testing. China also moved 150 000 soldiers to the North Korean boarder to make it clear they are not kidding. Progress is being made even though the MSM is neglecting to report it, obviously some people post opinions without any knowledge about the subject they just want to push an uneducated political ideology. In the age of information ignorance is a choice. All right all right guys, take it easy and calm down – The idiot is the vulgar con artist which America put in the White House. He is the one who will get us all killed if he gets the chance. All this bombing in Vietnam didn’t do much good did it ?

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BTW Remember him saying ” We have nuclear arms, WHY CAN’T WE USE THEM ?” and only recently ” We need more nuclear arms” The man is mentally unstable and more of a danger to world peace than mad Kim. It’s in no countries interest to mess with North Korea. They serve a purpose geographically in the region for all countries surrounding them. The only people that can topple that regime is their own. When was the last time north Korea killed and invaded other countries for oil and resources? The only threat to the world is the greedy USA politicians. By the way. USA is the only country that used nuclear bomb on innocent civilians. And usa has been in war in 222 years out of their 240 years. The appropriate response it to keep cool, calm and collected, and not to rise to the provocations of North Korea. To do otherwise could have dire consequences, but it would seem the US has lost it’s ability to see the bigger picture. By all means let’s leave North Korea alone, but when they nuke South Korea we will all chorus about how America should’ve done something about the Kims.I can’t stand Trump, the orange moron is a Tim Burton Johnny Depp Jack Skellington You Can’t Sit With Us Sweater, however the despot in charge of NK is equally cancerous and only the clinically optimistic will think ignoring him somehow makes it all go away.

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SOME are fat filled for those who are malnurished others are actual diet food which come in both wet and dry but if you are looking out for the health of your cat you should go with dry and give wet very sparingly that are high in The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Hoodie. Sami, funny you should come out with that. Prescription diets for both dogs and cats are utter rubbish, and will do more harm than good. Not to mention hideously expensive. Diet food in itself is a marketing ploy and an absolute con. If you or your pet is fat, the best thing to do is exercise more and cut calorie intake gradually. Cats are obligate carnivores and this means that they have to eat animal protein. Both cats and dogs need a diet in high quality protein and fats but cats especially need a diet rich in animal protein. I couldn’t give a single fuck whats going on in the video. Fact of the matter is, this cat is morbidly obese and anyone who cant see that or doesn’t have a problem with it obviously must neglect their own animals. And Chelsea O’Mara Holeman is the only person who corrected you Crystal Lynn King . Actually Chelsea was being nicely informative. Both of you are just sitting on your phone or computer, trying to belittle me for a sentence in my comment about my god damn cat? Really? Not threatened by any means, it just baffles me how affected you both are. It’s the weekend. I should be kicking back, crackin’ a cold one with the boys, but you’re blowing up my notifications making it impossible. Crystal, go purchase an encyclopedia collection and go dormant for a few years.

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Lol people can’t comment anything these days harmlessly without people feeling the need to correct and or try to make others feel a certain way. So what she made a comment on her fucking cats pouch that may have been incorrect.. the boys not around for you to crack a cold one? You’re arguing about a fucking cat.. it’s Sunday don’t you have work in the morning? Victoria Schild you obviously don’t know much. There are several different kinds of prescription food for cats. You cant blame the owner, when a cat is neutered they are not hunting or searching for a female, so they sleep and eat .That is the nature of a cat. I eat healthy and so does my cat , I am slim and my cat is huge and happy.There is no comparison between humans diet and a cats, education your self to start with. Pull the stick out of your ass, go to The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Hoodie, and learn that animal bodies don’t work the same as human bodies do.

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I see a lot of people talking about slavery. Slavery was abolished in 1865. Not in 1950. You know what that means, right? This is exactly why black history should be told. That means 4000+ black men, women and children were murdered at the hands of some of you’ll grandparents. Some of us never knew our grandparent because your grandparents decided that they were acting out of line, and because of that reason alone they felt our grandparents didn’t deserve to live well you do know when those same Official Jobs Not Mobs Tank Top descendents accuse black people of victimizing our culture instead of acknowledging the wrong their ancestors did, then they do become part of the problem, right? That’s the first problem. White people tend to only want to acknowledge that slavery was wrong wrong. It goes beyond slavery. Do me a favor. There is a book that I would like for you to read, it’s titled The Warmth of Other Suns. Read that and then voice your opinion, you honestly believe that blacks have the same opportunities as you. You know absolutely nothing about the struggles of black people. Yes there are black people that don’t want to succeed as there are whites that don’t want to succeed. For the blacks that do want to be successful its ten times harder to do so because of systemic racism. Do yourself a favor and watch something educational on Netflix. The documentary titled “13th”, please watch. I already told you your statistics are created by racism for racism. Anyone with that he ability to think logically knows you’re wrong. And no, it’s clear your page is a fraud. Don’t try to lie. I see through you. Being a racist isn’t ‘having a different opinion’, it’s just being a racist.

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The fbi itself was a back door deal from 1908. You think it’s my job to teach you it’s century long racist history in a comments thread? Do your own work. I cited a doj report that clearly shows you if you look at the actual data. But you haven’t done that either because you’re too lazy and have a graph. Lol .It’s all planned out right there in the 13th amendment. All you have to do is read. This isn’t that hard. My parents and my grand parents and my great grand parents have all passed away, but I do know that none of them participated in any murder of black people, the records show that the Official Jobs Not Mobs Tank Top members back then were soldiers in the union army, so does that give me a pass? Or am I to be to blame as well?.

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On the night the ship sank they had been coded the Let Me Check My Nope Nothing Tee forecast from other ships in the area that went before it. It was a clear night with not a single cloud in the sky, and not even wind. This meant the water was relatively still with barely any waves. All this combined made the horizon invisable (as the clear sky reflected on the still ocean) and the iceburgs harder to spot due to their being no waves to break at the base of the iceburgs. In hindsight, if the Titanic has collided head first with the iceburg, which it would have done without the orders from the crew, it’d have never sunk. HOWEVER, although this tragedy occured, it revolutionalised how class systems, safety for passangers, and insurance payments worked for those effected. Policies and laws that still effect us to this day. You find being on a cruise liner on the ocean is liberating? You probably think Sbarro is the best pizza in New York too. A cruise like that is pretty rare. To say you won’t go on a cruise because this might happen is like saying you won’t go to California because there might be earthquakes; like saying you won’t go to Kansas because there might be tornados; like saying you won’t go to Florida because there might be hurricanes. This cruise is definitely the anomaly and is not representative of all cruises. Been there done that. Was pretty fun. The only freaky part was the on ship band (no singer) decided then… was the perfect time to play my heart will go on..

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like YOO can you no jinx us guys!? Uhmmmm California and Kansas well played… Florida we know what to expect from our hurricanes… tornadoes/earthquakes not know about till the day of or the hour before even… but I love cruises and this would be fucking awesome. This feels like one of those disclaimers before a show “what you are about to see is not indicative of real life events… Trained professionals only” It’s like saying you won’t get in a car because of accidents but you are much more likely to die in a car crash than you are in a cruise ship, train or airplane combined. Ok..so I leave NY move to florida..I’m safe..I join gov..training in oklahoma..oh yea..4 days later I hear tornado warnings and it’s coming my way..omfg. It took down 7-11 across street from my school apt..my Let Me Check My Nope Nothing Tee said get in the car let’s get out of here..like an idiot I did..we did get safe but dumb move..I get my first duty assignment..

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Hayward coming back plus Brown and Tatum are gonna be even better. Lmao enjoy Kawhi for one whole year cause he doesn’t want ro play for a team who has never won anything.  Nahum, Celts WILL WIN THE EAST! HANDS DOWN! Should’ve won it last year with four out of five second stringers! you kidding me, the only reason we lost game seven was Rosier only scored four points, and no 3 Ptrs. He averages 16 at home and hits five or six 3 pointers.  Not a fan of the Celtics. But these guys can take the league by storm if they are healthy. They did well in the playoffs without the 2 best players on the team. I’m looking forward to seeing them compete. I was thinkin the same thing before I read the comments. Why is Hayward in the middle? Kyrie must be pissed about that. Hayward has the least time played on the Boston Celtics Halloween Shirt: A Nightmare On Causeway Street Tee out of all of them too, by far. That just cements his departure. Dude IS NOT going to sign long term with us. But at least we didn’t give up much….IT has lost his mojo(shame on that ) not sure Collin Sexton will be a major contributor either. Not now not in the future. So we get two years of ball handles and dead eye shooting……I’ll take it. Best case scenario. Deal him during the season and get something for him.

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He’s probably in the middle because he’s coming back off of a potentially career ending injury… it’s a big deal.  It’s literally nothing to do with players presence amongst the team, and it just to do with perspective from a photographic standpoint.  It’s literally nothing to do with players presence amongst the team, and it just to do with perspective from a photographic standpoint.  Luis Sanchez well, he wasn’t forced. We gave up the Jersey pick and IT. My point is we didn’t lose much to get him . he seems to have an issue with being the guy . He could be the guy with us, but his actions indicate he doesn’t want to. At what point does it become a distraction . Kyrie would rather be the only great player on a bad team than be in a group of great Boston Celtics Halloween Shirt: A Nightmare On Causeway Street Tee, it sad but I hope the celts can get something for him before he walks to new York next season. This pic shows he won’t be with us long don’t think he wants to be a Celtic, bet it was his idea to stand back.

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But regardless of his Pennywise It Leatherface Krueger Jason Voorhees Myers Shirt it’s his acting that matters in this business and he nailed it. Something’s wrong! GameSpot is down! I’ve tried going to the website, but it’s loading and taking forever, and it never leads me to the site! When will GameSpot be back up. Mine has always been Freddy Krueger I always remember having nightmares but continuing to watch them again the next night. Michael should have been king. He’s been around 2 years longer, but not being in Season Of The Witch, and a 6 year gap until The Return Of Michael Myers kinda killed it. How heartbreaking for Wrigley and his owner. To become homeless and have to lose their pup. I pray they find a home and that Wrigley does too. Wrigley is so docile, we think he would be good with dogs and cats. We would do a cat test for an approved application. Senior dogs are the BEST! This dog reminds me of our Buddie who was the most wonderful and loving dog. Someone will be blessed with this dog!. Looks just like our Angel. She was the best sweetest dog. Hope a wonderful person adopts Wrigley. I will be more than happy to donate 20% of each sale to the 501c3 rescue who saves this sweet boy.

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All you have to do is copy and paste the link to this post so I will know who sale goes to. Otherwise I won’t know. Would have been funny if Jason was all laid back like “hi arsenio, its so great to be here! I just love this city. Can’t wait to go to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant tonight!”. Interview gold!!! Cuz he does look genuinely scared and rightfully so. Even for a skit after you see a Jason movie no way you’re sitting comfy next to him. Too bad they couldn’t do a reunion interview, that would be hilarious. I’m thinking about taking him but I have an 10 year old female lab n a 8 year old Pennywise It Leatherface Krueger Jason Voorhees Myers Shirt both mellow. I love beagles wonder if they would all get along?. I just read he had a home lined up. If that falls through and you would like me to foster please let me know. I have a 2 year old friendly beagle he could spend time with while we search for his forever home!.

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Seriously if my kid made a I’m A Hallmarkaholic Christmas Tee like this i would be laughing the entire time. I wouldnt be able to compose myself lol. This is making me feel better i pulled a muscle in my lower back and im also sick. I don’t understand how this is comedy. Like he’s just like making crazy facial expressions lol. But hey, I’m a capitalist so go for it bro. This is honestly entertaining to watch, the lip syncing is right on beat! At least your mom is in the Christmas spirit with the sunglasses. This guy is good and the lady beside him either she’s a manakin or she can keep a straight face.I know if one of my kids was acting like that in the car I would be smiling saying boy what’s your problem then laugh out loud. Heard jingle bell rock at work the other day and started to do your dance moves in my head. Also, just wanted to let you know I’ve seen this reposted once a day for the last three days– by three different friends or groups. Your facial expressions are freaking hilarious!!! Let me be like the 1000th person to ask how in the world your mom keeps on a straight face while you are doing this lol?!? You are so awesome. God give that woman strength not to crack a smile I would have had to pull over and laugh hysterically fantastic job done by both I love this video. Why does every song appear to electrocute you and cause you to convulse? It makes sense with the electronic songs but this is a little off. Funny moments but confusing.

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Like your videos but it is true what they say “less is more”. Too much overcompensation and eyewralling. Believe in your own charisma and just being there. Your mom’s also very entertaining and I love her in every clip. I really enjoyed watching this video. It reminded me when our children were children and we sang xmas song when we would have long drives. He is very funny. I don’t think I could’ve have a straight face like this mom did. Love it! Justin Gossett look familiar?? Lol! This is what everyone does in their cars around Christmas….especially when looking at Christmas lights. I know you don’t want me around last December but on the off chance that I am.. prepare yourself for this shit. This is so how my son used to ‘sing’ songs in the I’m A Hallmarkaholic Christmas Tee with me. Had me laughing all the way to school. He went into the Air Force 2 weeks ago. I miss him.

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When he put the camera on the ground and walked away my first thought was “what the heck are you doing?!?!?” Then I remembered he was in Japan and not America so he didn’t have to worry about Not This Year Red River Showdown Tee stealing it. So sad this story… How can you ever do this to a girl in need and your own flesh and blood, what went on in their minds! I do not even like to know.. Yeahyeah blabla spoke Serge from his ivory tower where all is good and perfect. Check the real China instead of HK/BJ/SH and see how fucked up and unequal it is. China is a bigger country so there are more freaks… bullshit arguments dude. China is a messed up country… We only know the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on there in these kind of cases dude… Sorry but absolutely don’t agree. A tradegy… That poor family was at their wits end…divorced, spent more than 100K and the requirement of a care giver…. This news breaks the heart of my hearts. God, could you send the immediate punishment to the vile people responsible for such a crime done to a person free of guilt, innocent and has the purest heart among us sinful normal. Four months ago I had twins Caleb and Sophia.

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I had a bonus baby  . They were 6weeks early. I had a baby last year on February 27 her name was Bella Rose. She past away two days before she was born. She was so beautiful she was full term and very healthy but a blood clot formed in her cord. She will always be my little Bella Rose! I wish I had the talent to write a song for her. But Her song is see you again by Carrie underwood. Your River Rose is beautiful you are truly blessed. I love hearing the cries of my twins because it lets me know here with me. The twins hold hands every chance they get and talk to eachother I love it. Enjoy your little one and the others to come children are truly a blessing from god. Love & kisses. Orr I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter Bella. She’s your angel who will always be with you and your twins…….. Jenny Smith, I am so sorry for the loss of your Not This Year Red River Showdown Tee to a drunk driver, I hope he went to jail for life. May God bless Lily and Jenny always.

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Trump is illegally in office, based on the amount of election interference coming to light. If this can be proved….. but with the Supreme Court compromised and stacked in Trump’s favor now….Justice will be an uphill battle. Another New York times story another source of I was Trump I would put all this Media houses behind bars together with their sources because as the Media you have to verify the fact and the authenticity of the story before broadcast it because when this false stories get discovered that they are false nothing happens to this Media houses as the penalties or fine for publish or broadcasting false stories because that can have an impact in the governing of the country by publishing false information to the people or the country. Contemplative. What are you thinking about, Grumpy. What is it that you see? Could it be that you are deciding if you want to go after that mouse?. Holy crap. Something coming to a movie theater that’s actually original as a movie? Hint to producers around the world: Hit the library shelves now and then. My own Official Jack Skellington Stay Out Of My Bubble Tee has enough great SF and fantasy to keep theaters in business for fifty years without ever having to cough up a sequel. If this gets read please please please give us your cineomatic artistry on a Dragonlance Chronicles this is a series just begging to be brought to life as beautifully as Lord of the Rings. Just wanna let ya’ll know a fact about Hollywood big budget films and the trailers that come from them.

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Usually the studio hands over the making of a trailer over to a third party company thats sole purpose is to make trailers for films. They don’t care a lick about the story or even know what it is. So when you see a generic flashy shows pretty much everything trailer, it usally came from a trailer producing company. Also until you yourself actually produce a major big budget film you have no room to complain about it. More often than anything the producing company and producers (the ones that funs the project) end up making the choices in that regard, among other things. It’s a tough Official Jack Skellington Stay Out Of My Bubble Tee, they spend several days and months with long hours many would piss and moan about. Ya’ll cant even handle a normal 8 hour day, well guess what Peter Jackson is pulling 20 hour days for months to direct this thing. Just appreciate the film for what it is and enjoy the fact we are able to have this sort of entertainment.

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