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Trump is illegally in office, based on the amount of election interference coming to light. If this can be proved….. but with the Supreme Court compromised and stacked in Trump’s favor now….Justice will be an uphill battle. Another New York times story another source of I was Trump I would put all this Media houses behind bars together with their sources because as the Media you have to verify the fact and the authenticity of the story before broadcast it because when this false stories get discovered that they are false nothing happens to this Media houses as the penalties or fine for publish or broadcasting false stories because that can have an impact in the governing of the country by publishing false information to the people or the country. Contemplative. What are you thinking about, Grumpy. What is it that you see? Could it be that you are deciding if you want to go after that mouse?. Holy crap. Something coming to a movie theater that’s actually original as a movie? Hint to producers around the world: Hit the library shelves now and then. My own Official Jack Skellington Stay Out Of My Bubble Tee has enough great SF and fantasy to keep theaters in business for fifty years without ever having to cough up a sequel. If this gets read please please please give us your cineomatic artistry on a Dragonlance Chronicles this is a series just begging to be brought to life as beautifully as Lord of the Rings. Just wanna let ya’ll know a fact about Hollywood big budget films and the trailers that come from them.

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Usually the studio hands over the making of a trailer over to a third party company thats sole purpose is to make trailers for films. They don’t care a lick about the story or even know what it is. So when you see a generic flashy shows pretty much everything trailer, it usally came from a trailer producing company. Also until you yourself actually produce a major big budget film you have no room to complain about it. More often than anything the producing company and producers (the ones that funs the project) end up making the choices in that regard, among other things. It’s a tough Official Jack Skellington Stay Out Of My Bubble Tee, they spend several days and months with long hours many would piss and moan about. Ya’ll cant even handle a normal 8 hour day, well guess what Peter Jackson is pulling 20 hour days for months to direct this thing. Just appreciate the film for what it is and enjoy the fact we are able to have this sort of entertainment.

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