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SOME are fat filled for those who are malnurished others are actual diet food which come in both wet and dry but if you are looking out for the health of your cat you should go with dry and give wet very sparingly that are high in The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Hoodie. Sami, funny you should come out with that. Prescription diets for both dogs and cats are utter rubbish, and will do more harm than good. Not to mention hideously expensive. Diet food in itself is a marketing ploy and an absolute con. If you or your pet is fat, the best thing to do is exercise more and cut calorie intake gradually. Cats are obligate carnivores and this means that they have to eat animal protein. Both cats and dogs need a diet in high quality protein and fats but cats especially need a diet rich in animal protein. I couldn’t give a single fuck whats going on in the video. Fact of the matter is, this cat is morbidly obese and anyone who cant see that or doesn’t have a problem with it obviously must neglect their own animals. And Chelsea O’Mara Holeman is the only person who corrected you Crystal Lynn King . Actually Chelsea was being nicely informative. Both of you are just sitting on your phone or computer, trying to belittle me for a sentence in my comment about my god damn cat? Really? Not threatened by any means, it just baffles me how affected you both are. It’s the weekend. I should be kicking back, crackin’ a cold one with the boys, but you’re blowing up my notifications making it impossible. Crystal, go purchase an encyclopedia collection and go dormant for a few years.

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Lol people can’t comment anything these days harmlessly without people feeling the need to correct and or try to make others feel a certain way. So what she made a comment on her fucking cats pouch that may have been incorrect.. the boys not around for you to crack a cold one? You’re arguing about a fucking cat.. it’s Sunday don’t you have work in the morning? Victoria Schild you obviously don’t know much. There are several different kinds of prescription food for cats. You cant blame the owner, when a cat is neutered they are not hunting or searching for a female, so they sleep and eat .That is the nature of a cat. I eat healthy and so does my cat , I am slim and my cat is huge and happy.There is no comparison between humans diet and a cats, education your self to start with. Pull the stick out of your ass, go to The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Hoodie, and learn that animal bodies don’t work the same as human bodies do.

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