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My Human has my back! He makes sure the 9 volt battery in my back is at maximum capacity, so my laugh can brighten his day”! I gave her a special treat every Friday night at bedtime. She knew the word “Friday” and would go to the cabinet where I kept those treats. She crossed the Rainbow Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine V-neck Shirt on January 4th.I sure miss that dog.  You know the first lady was told not to go threw it and she said nope I got this I don’t need to listen to you… Then bomb karma strikes at the most perfect time. So what do you want them to do?

Does it matter if they laughed or not? They were totally powerless in that situation. Guys this is not funny or nothing to laugh at, or giving words of criticism, we should infact pray for all the destructions that’s taking place, may God help you and everyone on earth that these things should not happen to anyone or any place , in Jesus name Amen. Killed the nature already! We can not repair any thing.


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Meaning of Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine Youth Tee

Let us faithfully wait for the dooms day with our faith without any fear .Whatever may happen I am in the hands of God almighty to live eternally.Thanks for you meaningful video We can not pour water in the bucket because flood is already showing its power because humanbeings have harmed the nature showing their power.  What’s wrong with video makers??? They’re laughing on nature? Specially that lightning ⚡ scene.. That car driver might die. Are you really safe from lightning if you’re not inside the tallest building (or anything) in the neighbourhood. The last video was terrifying. I can guarantee I’m the first lady, but I would NOT fall, and I’d have a lot more to carry lmao. Ok I’d probably fall, but that chicken and bread in my bag is coming home muddy. ature killing this world….people doesn’t care about mother nature…only money is important n destroy the nature…so this r the Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine V-neck Shirt….save the world’s..  to have fun it, it was good also, we have fun only for that matter because we are happpy because even in that kind also a danger they still survive, and we are happy to thank God for it, but some of dirty mind they have given an other meaning as an insult, super amen.. A child mirrors the love and caring that’s been modeled to her.

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