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Do some fact checking next time, Mick Belcastro. ordan R. Davila Stop. Not one bit necessary. Woodstock was peace and love. Apparently, you are not, Jordan R. Davila. Sounds like a lot of you listen to your parents so do the kids still do today I was only 13 there was no way I was going not from Chicago. Would have been nice but Vietnam took my Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine Tee after graduating from college. Nice that today there is finally some respect. It says on the back of the bluray: Never before released legendary performances from Santana, The Who, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joan Baez, Jefferson Airplane, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Melanie and Sha Na Na. Also includes special features from all previous 40th Anniversary Editions. I own this edition, and read right off the back of the case. Haven’t had a chance to compare it to the previous release I own but that is what it says. Doug and Patty…neither Airplane, Butterfield blues band or Melanie were in the theatrical release from 1970.  Richard…Melanie wasn’t…but Paul Butterfield, and Airplane WERE!!! REMEMBER…’GOOD MORNING PEOPLE…’ The original theatrical cut did not have an Airplane performance…they were added back in 1994 with the directors cut…Butterfield was in neither…I know EVERY FRAME OF THAT FILM. Ten years After.

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I have kp of this Time from them. nEver find in the Internet this lP. Never. I t Must ne a Limited Edition. Ten years After was great and annother World.  Is there a common denominator between Woodstocks debut music and the so called music of today ? The only comparison I would make is the warring conflicts and wholesale drug activity, both are still there but I think the earlier artists were better, just my opinions !!!!! There appears to be no difference in what was offered for 40th anniversary. Nobody is saying what is new. Maybe nobody has bought. One of the best weeks in my life…Bob Long, Bob Thorn and myself, headed up to the festival several days early on our Harleys. We set up camp and were ready for any eventually…just too much fun…when you watch the Woodstockmovie, you see Bill Colyer with his red English cap on, several times through the film…that is also too cool… Richard Smith, Airplane was not added in any “94” cut. They we’re in Every cut of the Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine Tee including the Theatrical “70” release. In the “94” release, they added footage to the existing Airplane footage.

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