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Your comment and alllllllll those who think that’s “funny” (WTF?!) are everything that’s wrong with Amerikka. Don’t blame the pussy grabbing lunatic, blame your parents. There may very well be some truth to this but bruh, the dude just died, which ultimately makes this comment insensitive and inappropriate. This will make starving artists…starve longer!! Lol…seriously…give an ARTIST a chance!! Kick the bot, pay the person!! If you have ever spent hours with a 3M projector tracing a design on a Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tank Top you will definitely appreciate this item. The erasable aspect to periodically change an accent for a room would be great. I’m sure there are limits and a learning curve but still a great idea!

How come flat earth believer’s always blame NASA for everything? It’s like in their minds they’re the only ones who’ve been to space. And wouldn’t Russia out the US in an instant if they were lying? I love that “Russian” arguments ? couse United States were created by themselves…

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And there’s always a dumb globie that tells me that you can see curvature from an airplane ?? dude, not even in your imaginary globe would you be able to see it… But i guess perpective is hard to understand…. I love how everything you’ve said Fernando disproves your flat earth theory… I’m over here dying at your stupidity . Fernando Rei you don’t see the lights vanishing, you’ll see them as a long line of light but you see them. So Fernão de Magalhães basically looked like a duck in a lake is that it? Fernando, as much as i want to mock you for believing the earth is flat im not going to.. But i do have one question, why? If the earth is indeed flat, why keep it a Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tank Top from everybody.. Not like anyone has anything to gain from it. Guys like him will believe the whole world is againts them and will believe any kind of conspiracy even tho is nonsense. But then they feel they are better than everybody because they are the only ones who can see the “truth” and we’ve all been living a lie.

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This is more of a psychological condition rather than basic use of logic and common sense, even if you take the guy to the space and show him earth he will not believe it, because the need of feeling special and unique is so much that it’ll make the guy believe is fictional or the world conspired against him again. Jose Sanchez-Vegas as a previous social worker, I can understand the need to hold on to a ridiculous idea. He will also surround himself with people who have the same type of illness.

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