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But regardless of his Pennywise It Leatherface Krueger Jason Voorhees Myers Shirt it’s his acting that matters in this business and he nailed it. Something’s wrong! GameSpot is down! I’ve tried going to the website, but it’s loading and taking forever, and it never leads me to the site! When will GameSpot be back up. Mine has always been Freddy Krueger I always remember having nightmares but continuing to watch them again the next night. Michael should have been king. He’s been around 2 years longer, but not being in Season Of The Witch, and a 6 year gap until The Return Of Michael Myers kinda killed it. How heartbreaking for Wrigley and his owner. To become homeless and have to lose their pup. I pray they find a home and that Wrigley does too. Wrigley is so docile, we think he would be good with dogs and cats. We would do a cat test for an approved application. Senior dogs are the BEST! This dog reminds me of our Buddie who was the most wonderful and loving dog. Someone will be blessed with this dog!. Looks just like our Angel. She was the best sweetest dog. Hope a wonderful person adopts Wrigley. I will be more than happy to donate 20% of each sale to the 501c3 rescue who saves this sweet boy.

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All you have to do is copy and paste the link to this post so I will know who sale goes to. Otherwise I won’t know. Would have been funny if Jason was all laid back like “hi arsenio, its so great to be here! I just love this city. Can’t wait to go to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant tonight!”. Interview gold!!! Cuz he does look genuinely scared and rightfully so. Even for a skit after you see a Jason movie no way you’re sitting comfy next to him. Too bad they couldn’t do a reunion interview, that would be hilarious. I’m thinking about taking him but I have an 10 year old female lab n a 8 year old Pennywise It Leatherface Krueger Jason Voorhees Myers Shirt both mellow. I love beagles wonder if they would all get along?. I just read he had a home lined up. If that falls through and you would like me to foster please let me know. I have a 2 year old friendly beagle he could spend time with while we search for his forever home!.

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