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I see a lot of people talking about slavery. Slavery was abolished in 1865. Not in 1950. You know what that means, right? This is exactly why black history should be told. That means 4000+ black men, women and children were murdered at the hands of some of you’ll grandparents. Some of us never knew our grandparent because your grandparents decided that they were acting out of line, and because of that reason alone they felt our grandparents didn’t deserve to live well you do know when those same Official Jobs Not Mobs Tank Top descendents accuse black people of victimizing our culture instead of acknowledging the wrong their ancestors did, then they do become part of the problem, right? That’s the first problem. White people tend to only want to acknowledge that slavery was wrong wrong. It goes beyond slavery. Do me a favor. There is a book that I would like for you to read, it’s titled The Warmth of Other Suns. Read that and then voice your opinion, you honestly believe that blacks have the same opportunities as you. You know absolutely nothing about the struggles of black people. Yes there are black people that don’t want to succeed as there are whites that don’t want to succeed. For the blacks that do want to be successful its ten times harder to do so because of systemic racism. Do yourself a favor and watch something educational on Netflix. The documentary titled “13th”, please watch. I already told you your statistics are created by racism for racism. Anyone with that he ability to think logically knows you’re wrong. And no, it’s clear your page is a fraud. Don’t try to lie. I see through you. Being a racist isn’t ‘having a different opinion’, it’s just being a racist.

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The fbi itself was a back door deal from 1908. You think it’s my job to teach you it’s century long racist history in a comments thread? Do your own work. I cited a doj report that clearly shows you if you look at the actual data. But you haven’t done that either because you’re too lazy and have a graph. Lol .It’s all planned out right there in the 13th amendment. All you have to do is read. This isn’t that hard. My parents and my grand parents and my great grand parents have all passed away, but I do know that none of them participated in any murder of black people, the records show that the Official Jobs Not Mobs Tank Top members back then were soldiers in the union army, so does that give me a pass? Or am I to be to blame as well?.

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