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When he put the camera on the ground and walked away my first thought was “what the heck are you doing?!?!?” Then I remembered he was in Japan and not America so he didn’t have to worry about Not This Year Red River Showdown Tee stealing it. So sad this story… How can you ever do this to a girl in need and your own flesh and blood, what went on in their minds! I do not even like to know.. Yeahyeah blabla spoke Serge from his ivory tower where all is good and perfect. Check the real China instead of HK/BJ/SH and see how fucked up and unequal it is. China is a bigger country so there are more freaks… bullshit arguments dude. China is a messed up country… We only know the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on there in these kind of cases dude… Sorry but absolutely don’t agree. A tradegy… That poor family was at their wits end…divorced, spent more than 100K and the requirement of a care giver…. This news breaks the heart of my hearts. God, could you send the immediate punishment to the vile people responsible for such a crime done to a person free of guilt, innocent and has the purest heart among us sinful normal. Four months ago I had twins Caleb and Sophia.

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I had a bonus baby  . They were 6weeks early. I had a baby last year on February 27 her name was Bella Rose. She past away two days before she was born. She was so beautiful she was full term and very healthy but a blood clot formed in her cord. She will always be my little Bella Rose! I wish I had the talent to write a song for her. But Her song is see you again by Carrie underwood. Your River Rose is beautiful you are truly blessed. I love hearing the cries of my twins because it lets me know here with me. The twins hold hands every chance they get and talk to eachother I love it. Enjoy your little one and the others to come children are truly a blessing from god. Love & kisses. Orr I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter Bella. She’s your angel who will always be with you and your twins…….. Jenny Smith, I am so sorry for the loss of your Not This Year Red River Showdown Tee to a drunk driver, I hope he went to jail for life. May God bless Lily and Jenny always.

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