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Everyone’s mad about Nike, yet they go to Starbucks and buy an over priced coffee every day from a company that refused to send coffee to soldiers actively fighting a war…. Why should they get Starbucks coffee anyway ? They are not vacation. They chose to go to Nike Just Rick It Tank Top, and war it is.  I just bought a frap from there a couple weeks ago. I rarely go there anyways so xD I probably go there once a year if they’re lucky. My family boycotted Starbucks as well. Funny how the chain is having so many closures by the end of the year. John Trujillo I’m just saying all these people want to be up in arms because they think Nike is wrong for using who they did in their add because people feel he disrespected military personnel. Yet they aren’t mad about Starbucks. Levi Koch but meanwhile in Castle Rock, they are about to build Starbucks #6 lol. Chemically tasting stuff, local coffee shops are so much better. William Killingbeck google all you want it was long ago. Also a homeless vet was turned away from coffee when my mom was in a Starbucks because the cashier said he was to dirty. John Trujillo because war is commercialized, we had BK,Pizza hut and many other companies step up to serve us on bases in war zones or they send is such things as pizza and coffee from home to help ease the stresses of war.

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And while NIKE and others think this is no big deal, REMEMBER. …This university has ALUMNI. Alumni spend money on sports memorabilia. They also talk to their family and friends. There’s an unending tide of customers dropping NIKE! If educators believed this was a good response, maybe we should remove our students from small Christian college? Reason: they don’t understand the WHY!!!! Kaepernick…. did you ever imagine this in your wildest dreams….. just look at your claim to fame…… they won’t even let you out to play. Awe, John Trujillo is hurt that this college doesn’t like his favorite brand anymore, give him some space to cry it out. Missy N Sam Collins thank you for pointing that out, I’ve been asking for a source from those two, that must be why they haven’t responded lmao. Of course this private college and any individual has the right to take this action and I support everyone’s freedoms of choice…but the President of The College of the Ozarks speaks of “shame” my Jesus is ashamed of your behavior and Nike Just Rick It Tank Top sir.

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