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So hype for Saturday omg I can’t wait. We can beat the Rams then beat the eagles and if the aints Win get to meet them in the NFC Championship game and beat them in there Home stadium (the old Benz) to go to the super bowl How sweet it would be. So many times a Nike Atlanta Falcons Family Hoodie makes the super bowl. I want to see a rematch with new England and the falconsmake a 4th quarter come back win. And bring the saints on to the nfc championship. Perfection. It wasn’t as pretty or dominant as last year, but we are here where other teams who were said to be “better” or “more consistent” should’ve been. Proud to be in the. Win or Lose, Falcons fan for life. (Sometimes it’s really hard to be one too!). I’ll be at work but I will find a patient who is aFalcons Fan and will be in their room the whole game. Let’s do this! t is time for the Brotherhood to put it all together and show the talent and pride our ATL Falcons are capable of. Get serious and kick some playoff butts.

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We are a sleeping giant love how people write us off and count us out that’s when we are the most dangerous. Of the NFC’s six playoff teams from last year,Atlanta is the only one to return. Dallas, Detroit, Green Bay, the New York Giants and Seattle out. As a Falcons fan since 97, who was born and raised in Long Beach…welcome! I saw us destroy the Lambs at the colosseum last year, lets destroy them again and start the playoffs right!  A quarterback exercising a Warrior mentality is the idea state of mind for a winning environment. That’s to say, a Gladiator Quarterback leads in numbers and physical commitment for the ultimate victory. The Talented Falcons’ roster will follow their Gladiator “Quarterback.” Most of my family in South Florida it’s Dolphins fans but since 91 I have grown to be a Falcons fan for life rise up Brotherhood is our time. There is a strange, desperate, sad and unconvincing tone to this hype video. How do you screw up a hype video?!? This is how. From a Rams fan, Great Game Falcons. I wasnt expecting that from the Falcons. Yall came ready to play and really stuck together. We’ll keep our heads up and come back next year….. Have another great game in Philly! Yawn. Jermaine Dupri? Seriously? This is everything that’s wrong with this team in a Nike Atlanta Falcons Family Hoodie. The only thing missing is a Jerry Glanville reference. Didn’t feel like paying Migos or Lil Uzi Vert or any other Atlanta artist from, you know, the 21st Century, so you trotted our a guy who hasn’t been relevant since Steve Bartkowski last threw a pass to do a remix of a song that sucked in the first place.  Ok, so the Rams won’t like a stale offense!?! Their defense will eat the Falcon’s offense alive! But the Falcons Defense will keep the birds in the game. 31-10 Rams. Prove me wrongFalcons! I hope you will PROVE ME WRONG!

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