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 I have to portion his food to specific Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988 Ladies Shirt and hide the dog food where my dog can find it. And have to watch him when he eats his food so he doesn’t eat my other cats food. He pounces on me in the morning for food and starts meowing the top of his lungs lol I love him just the same. When I play with him, I try to get him running around a bit for some exercise. Nothing extreme though. His belly is also a little dropped due to being fixed.When i finally realized how horrible my 80s 500$ wedding veil was (and dress was worse) i started letting my daughter wear it for Halloween as a bride. She was a bride at least 3 times. Finally a bloody bride when it was beat to hell. Good times! All i needed was a white dress (she had been a flower girl a bazillion times so we always seemed to have one handy!) Best way to use your wedding dress! Your daughter didn’t wear it for her wedding but you and her both have memories with that dress. We were always punk rockers. Oversized shirt with leggings. My mom’s leg warmers.

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Teased hair & bright makeup. We had a dog and clown costume but one year we did Dutch heritage at school so that was my Halloween costume too . I was a California Raisin in 87! My aunt made my costume. It was my first Halloween. I won the best costume contest at Church, too. My dad is from California and we lived in Georgia at the time so my Mom and Aunt dressed me as a raisin. Yes, this! I’d get the colored hair spray too. I’m really starting to think ‘90s kids had it the best. I got a new costume every year, and got to walk around the neighborhood by myself. When i got home, mom got first pick of the candy “to make sure it was safe” lol i think 90s kids got the best of both worlds for almost everything. In the 80s we would trick-or-treat alone with a pillowcase and tell every single light went out. it didn’t matter if it was snowing 2 feet of snow below zero it didn’t matter we still went . usually by the time we came home my mom is sleeping and we had to wait to eat any of our candy until she woke up to make sure that there was no razor Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988 Ladies Shirt in it. (Remember When hospitals would x-ray your candy for free. growing up in the 80s was awesome.)

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