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ou are in an amazing tour in #USA, and you probably know about #hurricaneflorence. How amazing would be if you keep the legacy of the great lyrics from your new album #highashope and promote a special song to collect donations and help the victims of the . I really haven’t listened to this album, because of an emotional storm I am in, with the love of my life, fighting to keep his😭💔 but I am positive, that one day : I will sit down, with headphones and blast, listening intently. This is how my Flove friends told me to listen to it from beginning to end.

I didn’t like it at first, but I’m glad he’s still making Machine Gun Kelly Killshot Eminem Tee, and after a few listens it grows on you. It may be different, but at least he can accept the rap world isn’t what it use to be. He needs to go back to the Lace Up type music. It sounds like a poor attempt to sound like Travis Scott. Rap Devil is the only good song on the album. I did the same damn thing. Started driving expecting some greatness to silence the haters. This isn’t anything but fuel for the fire. If you can listen to the whole thing on your commute chances are the album is too short or you need to move closer. In this case, it’s not the latter. Ryan Coffee and I never once “bitched about the length”, I bitched about the shitty lyrics/songwriting/sound.

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I’ve liked MGKs music all the way back to the Homecoming Mixtape some of you fucking kids don’t even know about that shit. Your favorite artist sucks now and sold the fuck out and couldn’t capitalize with the world watching him over this Eminem thing. Lmao Kill shot I will not fail!!

MGK just sucks. Since Bloom. Let’s talk about it.   Jen Loftin This reply shows me you have nothing else to say to me and you’re reaching like a mother fucker.

Here’s a prescription for some real. Reaching for what? Your only argument for anything seems to be how long you’ve been aware of Kells, and prior to any real fame. All I did was use an MGK line against you and you regurgitated the same shit. Don’t talk to me about having nothing to say when that’s literally all you got. I can dissect the shit out of Killshot and show you how NOT amazing it is if you’d like. But not if your Machine Gun Kelly Killshot Eminem Tee is gonna be “I known bout MGK since high school”……….

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