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Look! They are all over Australia, South Africa. We even have some in Plymouth, at PriscillaLosing My Mind One Baby Shark At A Time Sweater Do some google searching if you are confused about how they work. Ohhh Jemma Jackson! I just know for a fact that the minute the kids come back into school this is gonna be the number one Break Time activity!!!!! Ahhhhhh. How funny would it be on a show in one of the costume changes would it be for a load of the kids to be in sharkcostumes hidden behind black boxes. Some in baby shark outfits jump out, then hide, mummy sharks jump out do their bit and hide and so on until the end. after you mentioned about the babyshark this is all that’s coming up on Facebook! Made me laugh that it come be a spin class song!! Hahahaha! Don’t encourage me! Having two kids, I have a very strong background! Hundreds of kids songs and nursery rhymes in my library! Look at the girl end right. She’s really doing it nicely. It’s not just exercise, it’s how you do it.

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The rest are having fun but probably doing themselves more harm than good. this is the song H sang in school and I was trying to sing to you on our run! All the actions are spot on! Xx enjoy your hols. Kisses for your girls… I have no idea what I just watched, but I can tell you I would be way more likely to attend Spin class if it involved this. since your collegue has recently dropped Zorbas Dance from his spin soundtrack, may I make another suggestion? if you get tired of all that relaxing thai chi stuff… here’s something for you. You could do it with Layla both dressed as sharks . I can’t help hoping they’ll swap their arms over at some point so the top one becomes the bottom one and vice versa, so they are exercised evenly . Ha ha. Craig says his version’s better! He still teaches this every year and apparently his ex students pretty much only remember this song and not much else! That’s what would have happened to me ….. Fall off and flop Around on the floor like a fish out of water !! SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS !! I can think of no earthly Losing My Mind One Baby Shark At A Time Sweater why but this reminded me why. I’m blaming “control the centre squares” kid from your chess club.

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