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On the night the ship sank they had been coded the Let Me Check My Nope Nothing Tee forecast from other ships in the area that went before it. It was a clear night with not a single cloud in the sky, and not even wind. This meant the water was relatively still with barely any waves. All this combined made the horizon invisable (as the clear sky reflected on the still ocean) and the iceburgs harder to spot due to their being no waves to break at the base of the iceburgs. In hindsight, if the Titanic has collided head first with the iceburg, which it would have done without the orders from the crew, it’d have never sunk. HOWEVER, although this tragedy occured, it revolutionalised how class systems, safety for passangers, and insurance payments worked for those effected. Policies and laws that still effect us to this day. You find being on a cruise liner on the ocean is liberating? You probably think Sbarro is the best pizza in New York too. A cruise like that is pretty rare. To say you won’t go on a cruise because this might happen is like saying you won’t go to California because there might be earthquakes; like saying you won’t go to Kansas because there might be tornados; like saying you won’t go to Florida because there might be hurricanes. This cruise is definitely the anomaly and is not representative of all cruises. Been there done that. Was pretty fun. The only freaky part was the on ship band (no singer) decided then… was the perfect time to play my heart will go on..

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like YOO can you no jinx us guys!? Uhmmmm California and Kansas well played… Florida we know what to expect from our hurricanes… tornadoes/earthquakes not know about till the day of or the hour before even… but I love cruises and this would be fucking awesome. This feels like one of those disclaimers before a show “what you are about to see is not indicative of real life events… Trained professionals only” It’s like saying you won’t get in a car because of accidents but you are much more likely to die in a car crash than you are in a cruise ship, train or airplane combined. I leave NY move to florida..I’m safe..I join in oklahoma..oh yea..4 days later I hear tornado warnings and it’s coming my way..omfg. It took down 7-11 across street from my school Let Me Check My Nope Nothing Tee said get in the car let’s get out of an idiot I did..we did get safe but dumb move..I get my first duty assignment..

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