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Seriously if my kid made a I’m A Hallmarkaholic Christmas Tee like this i would be laughing the entire time. I wouldnt be able to compose myself lol. This is making me feel better i pulled a muscle in my lower back and im also sick. I don’t understand how this is comedy. Like he’s just like making crazy facial expressions lol. But hey, I’m a capitalist so go for it bro. This is honestly entertaining to watch, the lip syncing is right on beat! At least your mom is in the Christmas spirit with the sunglasses. This guy is good and the lady beside him either she’s a manakin or she can keep a straight face.I know if one of my kids was acting like that in the car I would be smiling saying boy what’s your problem then laugh out loud. Heard jingle bell rock at work the other day and started to do your dance moves in my head. Also, just wanted to let you know I’ve seen this reposted once a day for the last three days– by three different friends or groups. Your facial expressions are freaking hilarious!!! Let me be like the 1000th person to ask how in the world your mom keeps on a straight face while you are doing this lol?!? You are so awesome. God give that woman strength not to crack a smile I would have had to pull over and laugh hysterically fantastic job done by both I love this video. Why does every song appear to electrocute you and cause you to convulse? It makes sense with the electronic songs but this is a little off. Funny moments but confusing.

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Like your videos but it is true what they say “less is more”. Too much overcompensation and eyewralling. Believe in your own charisma and just being there. Your mom’s also very entertaining and I love her in every clip. I really enjoyed watching this video. It reminded me when our children were children and we sang xmas song when we would have long drives. He is very funny. I don’t think I could’ve have a straight face like this mom did. Love it! Justin Gossett look familiar?? Lol! This is what everyone does in their cars around Christmas….especially when looking at Christmas lights. I know you don’t want me around last December but on the off chance that I am.. prepare yourself for this shit. This is so how my son used to ‘sing’ songs in the I’m A Hallmarkaholic Christmas Tee with me. Had me laughing all the way to school. He went into the Air Force 2 weeks ago. I miss him.

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