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You guys do understand a crate is meant to be a safe place for a I’m A Hallmark Aholic Hallmark Longsleeve Shirt right? Not all owners are terrible because they use crating as a training tool. You could consider looking at this from different point of views before you start making rude comments to a stranger. Just food for thought. I had just gotten a rescue dog that was supposed to have been crate trained. He is a medium size dog and I put him in the big crate upstairs. For home from work he was at the front door waiting for me. He tipped the large crate upside down broke the plastic floor and crawled out a small hole. To this day I have no idea how he was able to crawl out of it. I challenge you to adopt an untrained shelter animal and let him roam free in your house unsupervised while you’re at work. Once you do that for a couple weeks, get back to me. Then we can go over some crate training tips. It’s their space, like a dog house. With too much space to run around dogs get anxious and act out. Probably why the dog in this video feels the need to “escape.” A crate needs to be big enough for the dog to stand, turn around and sleep. They can easily handle being in the crate all night if trained properly. I don’t really watch these I usually enjoy action a lot more but I LOVE that anime like this is out there and is still coming out.

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