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yea good times. At first I thought he was promoting the theme for the remake of DuckTales, which by the way is awesome brendon urie. Wish we could get a revamped version of Talespin, darkwing duck and the other ‘90s classics. You can dance if you want to. You can leave you cares behind. And your friends can dance, but if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine.  Lol as if we’re still not the same Who The Fuck Is Mr Disco Tee  that make stupid decisions constantly, just now we have to make them and blame ourselves because we can’t blame anyone else. I still listen to all my old shit. The guy who left dallon weekes is in a two guy band with Ryan seaman from falling in reverse called I don’t know how but they found me. Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie were real. No shade to Brendon’s wife or whoever Ryan is with though. Hannah Victoria My Childhood Lmfao  So like now I’m imagining Brandon Urie as this huge dork who sings the Duck Tales theme song in the shower–but he just so happens to also be the famous lead singer of a band. So when he was asked to come o Jimmy Fallon and sing something like “Emperor’s New Clothes” he said “Nah, I’m gonna sing the Duck Tales theme.” I use to work for my local radio station and was in charge of driving him from the station to their hotel and airport. The entire car ride he just kept asking for requests. We literally sang every theme song a 90s kid would know. It was beautiful.

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Y’all, you gotta spell it right. The candy is gummy bears. The show is Gummi Bears. I really think it’s different when you have a whole band to make music with.  I’m 34 and the only album I didn’t love was pretty odd and that’s because they forced me to listen to Ryan. I love that every album is different. I wouldn’t be opposed to another Fever album though. I like that my daughter’s can enjoy my favorite band with me. Bethany Kirstine Goodrich I totally get what you’re saying and understand and quite frankly agree with your point. However you’re definitely putting that label towards the wrong band. Brendon just makes music he loves. The spirit was never lost, just their genre slightly and their own taste in music. You can’t stay pop-punk/folk forever. Brendon never cared/cares about selling albums, he just wants to make Who The Fuck Is Mr Disco Tee people can connect with.

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