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Alex lost some cool points with me for acting a little too quick on the physical Drink Up Grinches Wine Glass Christmas Tee and doing it behind everyones back. Jason should have waited to pick the one before taking that step. Plus the psychic said he also met his twin flame and it isn’t, wonder how he feels about that reading. I believe that’s his twin flame. Sighs but the boy is too overwhelmed to see it. But, I think to make it an even playing field he shouldn’t have sex with anyone so he lost points in my book about being serious about finding love. Waste of money doing a remake that’s not going to do very well, in my opinion. I swear to god if they don’t at least give him a cameo in the new Mary Poppins movie I will eat every Porg in existence. Oh trust me I already know the Cost of Living is going up. Not saying it has not. All I am saying again is if Minimum wage was increased to what the people want it to be your cost of living with Increase a lot faster than what it has been. 

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Already, without the increase of wages… I had my hours cut, lost my car because I could not afford the payments, and had to move out of my home and now I am currently looking for a job. You know what jobs want? Employees who are paid the least because it is cheaper on them. Or keep the ones with more experience and under staff their business by firing people! It is the same principle as a lot of jobs. Have seen one, Sams Club has them. I prefer the “old Fashioned” idea of a tree shaped tree with colored lights and ornaments from many years of collecting. There are many years of family history on my tree. I would wear that but i would also need a very fancy cape with it. And forest birds would have to carry the cape to me and Drink Up Grinches Wine Glass Christmas Tee it on my shoulders. And also a tiera made out of twigs.

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