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Now they seek to make Don’t Mess With Auntasaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked Hoodie more “fixing” the problem that they created in the first place? I, for one, say no. I would hope we all would by this point. The science is behind medication assisted treatment. There is no way around that. I fail to see the benefit of fast acting, however, what makes bupenorphine and methadone work is the long half-life. Fast acting drugs are more prone to be abused. What are people supposed to do that have major surgeries and need pain medication? I had reconstructive surgery on my right ankle 4 1/2 months ago and was given 60 oxycodone pills. My surgery included a four month recovery process along with learning to walk again. Half of that prescription was gone in the first two weeks. I have suffered through pain because my surgeon told me “the laws are very clear”, when I asked for more. Addicts are getting pills on the street, black market. Law abiding citizens are suffering after surgeries because laws have been passed restricting what doctors can prescribe.

Our lawmakers just don’t seem to understand that these laws restrict law abiding citizens. Addicts and criminals are going to get their pills because that’s what they do. Boy, I could vent a lot about this. It has made too many people suffer. And just when is this state going to regulate medical marijuana, I have stage iv metastatic breast cancer and in the bones. The bone pain is excruciating.


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I’m sick of this ignorance. I shouldn’t be suffering this much just because I live in WV. They never exist. You are allowed to believe whatever you want. I can see where your mind and headset stand. To each their own. Brenda Faye lmfao you poor soul. Natural selection. Never existed with all the proof and the animals still alive today descending from them. Lemme guess you think the Earth is flat too. Just imagine if you were an employee in that building, had no idea what was going on and you just happened to glance out your office window. I was thinking more along the line of being out in the bush hiking, camping or hunting and having this thing pop out at ya! I doubt my feet would even touch the ground trying to get some distance between me and it. Hell, maybe even if I knew it was fake. Who’d wanna take the chance it’s not. Lol! First I’ll freeze and then slowly walking away like nothing happen but then my Don’t Mess With Auntasaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked Hoodie check my heat is beating faster then flash.

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