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I am not sure what to believe here. I dont want to believe it BUT Reality Steve verifies hos Camping Bear I Eat People Tee and never publishes without FACT? I hope she didnt though. I went from hating Jordan to rooting for him. He was what every man should be to a woman. He treated her well. What can I say, I love reality shows, and I’m sad that they broke up. I saw a side of Jordan, that was so genuine, loving and kind, and I really thought that he had found his forever with Jenna. I’m listening to Reality Steve’s podcast with Jordan as I type and so far Jordan sounds genuine and truly blindsided by this situation.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he fabricated them against her to get out of the relationship and give himself more time in the spotlight. OK FIRST,are you TRULY shocked this relationship ended. CAMERA off REALITY starts.SECOND he is NOT straight LADIES. MISS MODEL will be out and PROUD in all do time.Still using his sea salt spray in his little HAWAIIAN outfit. And maybe then BLONDIES acting/modeling career will FINALLY go somewhere. HELL she may get lucky and become the next BACHELORETTE and waste more of OUR brain cells on B.S know where REAL love on the TV.  i don’t get how people hatred him on bachelorette??? he was always sweet & funny. that chicken guy provoked him. 

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i’ve liked him from day 1. Wait. They are saying he ended the relationship 1 day after the proposal? They were still engaged on the live show which was way more than 1 day after the proposal. I wonder how their moms feel now. That was Crystal and Chris’s moms on the show. This summer, after Jenna and Jordan became engaged, she was having an affair with a girl who she had a fling before going on BIP. He wanted her to break off with Jordan and they had a fight. The unnamed guy was mad, so he showed Reality Steve e-mails or texts from her saying she didn’t love Jordan or even like him. She was with him because she needs the money and it’s good for her business. So, can’t believe I even watch this; even more so am commenting, lol- but I have a baby I’m up with at night, so yeah; It’s on my DVR- haha. IMO- Girl is a hot mess- she gets way too friendly when she boozes it up and ends up in predicaments because if it… She even admitted she’s a Camping Bear I Eat People Tee..

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