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Could you be any more obvious with your spoilers?! First of all the promo ad pretty much gave away the team going to tribal, then the first half hour of the episode gave it away by almost exclusively showing the contenders scheming and idol searching, and then the final dead give away was the music and editing during the challenge. Far out, stop giving everything away! You don’t need to watch the whole show, because they already let you know which tribe goes to tribunal before you even watch it! Need more footballers like that, 1 minute out of his day and his shirt gave that young child a 8645 Tank Top they will never forget.  And on another vid the greatest player in the world and an idol to Liverpool fans wouldn’t put his car window down to sign an autograph in stationary traffic, that ppl is the difference in class! Kassidy has grown up…uggghh..her and my daughter Mykell used to skate together and have the same birthday’s and i think they discovered they are only 4 hours apart..Mrs. Kemper was my oldest daughters PE teacher.

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Never been at that restaurant at Metigoshe but the consensus is that its good. What a beautiful family. You are so cool and I just wanted to let you know that. You are funny, and a kid at heart. Handsome and a very down to earth type of person. Keep up the great work. GOD bless you and your family. Lol seems like we like your mom more. She was my favorite gym teacher and also sub for anatomy. Let her know I said hello! Love that you coe back to your home town for the holidays are are not afraid to be seen around the community without body gaurds. I have purchased an Arrow Sport USA shirt from Arrow shop in Mumbai and paid Rs. 2500. There was a defect in the shirt which is not possible to repair. I have sent photos and several mails to their company but have got no response. I want to share this with all of you to avoid being cheated like me. This company is actually an Indian company based in Bangalore and not form USA as the name claims to be. I believe this company is a 8645 Tank Top company which gets it shirts stitched from tailors sitting by the roadside. If it was a big company which had anything to do with good quality products, this shirt would never have passed their quality check procedures. It is my request to all of you please share this mail to your friends to avoid being cheated. These so called big brands should really get the stick and get financial losses so they stop cheating in broad daylight.

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