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They are the best and developed a Tim Burton Johnny Depp Jack Skellington You Can’t Sit With Us Sweater which knocked back Iran’s nuclear advance by years. Then Obama did a deal and for the moment this is contained. I have a suspicion that the failed missile launch and the previous one could have been the result of just that….. and if this is the case well done. The Israelis are the best in this and they will have helped the US. Did you know that China has stopped buying coal and told North Korea last week that they would quit providing them with crude oil ( their only source) if they do any more nuclear weapons testing. China also moved 150 000 soldiers to the North Korean boarder to make it clear they are not kidding. Progress is being made even though the MSM is neglecting to report it, obviously some people post opinions without any knowledge about the subject they just want to push an uneducated political ideology. In the age of information ignorance is a choice. All right all right guys, take it easy and calm down – The idiot is the vulgar con artist which America put in the White House. He is the one who will get us all killed if he gets the chance. All this bombing in Vietnam didn’t do much good did it ?

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BTW Remember him saying ” We have nuclear arms, WHY CAN’T WE USE THEM ?” and only recently ” We need more nuclear arms” The man is mentally unstable and more of a danger to world peace than mad Kim. It’s in no countries interest to mess with North Korea. They serve a purpose geographically in the region for all countries surrounding them. The only people that can topple that regime is their own. When was the last time north Korea killed and invaded other countries for oil and resources? The only threat to the world is the greedy USA politicians. By the way. USA is the only country that used nuclear bomb on innocent civilians. And usa has been in war in 222 years out of their 240 years. The appropriate response it to keep cool, calm and collected, and not to rise to the provocations of North Korea. To do otherwise could have dire consequences, but it would seem the US has lost it’s ability to see the bigger picture. By all means let’s leave North Korea alone, but when they nuke South Korea we will all chorus about how America should’ve done something about the Kims.I can’t stand Trump, the orange moron is a Tim Burton Johnny Depp Jack Skellington You Can’t Sit With Us Sweater, however the despot in charge of NK is equally cancerous and only the clinically optimistic will think ignoring him somehow makes it all go away.