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We got bigger problems to worry about than some old washed up football player. Laugh a little it will make you breathe easier. I’m die hard cowboys, but this is not a good look on us The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Sweater. Garret has no control, we need a no nonsense coach to come in and bring structure to this team. All garret does is clap every time they do something wrong, there is no accountability here. We have a damn good team but horrible leadership, we are a good coach away from getting to the top. Garret is a good guy, but he is to soft. Tough coach and a lot of this shit will stop. For those of you who explained this being photoshopped, you’re a lifesaver to me because I was like “How could Dallas sign a 70 years old rb who’s still in prison until October”. All of you are awesome! I’m saying if he did are he didn’t do it just saying they didn’t charge him with a murder case so you people that’s crunk up about my post it’s not a black are white thing it’s just facts.

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Your incessant until proven guilty court say different so he was found notguilty In really just tired of hearing about it. I’m ready for football season how about y’all. Look i need to emphasize that the only reason that oj was found not guilty was not because of lack of evidence is because of rodney king… Explain,the officers who beat Rodney were found not guilty despite the video evidence. Now this was an all white jury. Now here comes oj lawyers with the help of the D.A. and they choose minority jurors Meaning in their mind they didnt care if oj did or dinmd not do it. They still hsve in their heads that these white cops got away with beating a blackman and found not guilty. So they said who carez abt these 2 white ppl,we were treated worse with the king trial. So they found him not guilty.This was a way of getting back at the city.. Was there really hard evidence. A little. To almost decapitate a woman you need The Sunset Save The Chubby Unicorn Sweater that he has. O J was a great football player back in the day, do I like him as a player yes, as a man no, was the video funny yes.