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It’s odd that people are upset about losing some jobs but are not concerned with bringing others (like the steel Truck Hallmark Christmas Movie ‘s ) back. If they are upset that these tariffs are unfair to China (do they really want to keep importing goods from China?), they should rejoice that Mexico gets their fair share of our jobs. Think about it.  I worked in Saltillo Mexico launching the Ram ProMaster. FCA would not shutter the truck plant (STAP) in Saltillo. Besides they make a Ram pickup that sells in Mexico but not in US. An orginal style pick up with only 2 doors no crew or quad. Mexicans love the orginal style pickup. Haley Richards yes production in other countries because it’s cheaper there, so much winning for the US, but you blatantly didn’t mention that. Cheri Larsen never said it was, but Trump promise that all he would bring all the jobs back to the United States and keep the current jobs in the United States, but that’s all I am seeing is companies sending more and more of our jobs and our production to other countries I’m blinded by all the winning that the Republicans are doing and I’m glad that the $1.5 trillion tax cuts for the rich are making all these jobs stay here, oh wait they’re not!!

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Cheri Larsen yes I did but that doesn’t stop the fact that Ford has now changed their stance Harley Davison his moved production to Europe ,carrier who during campaigning promised that he would not only keep the current jobs, but he’d bring the lost jobs back and what happened after they all were gone. Can you read? Do you know anything at all about Chryslers truck production?? Hurp a derp ya just comment cuz ya can right? Saltillo has made Rams for decades smart guy. Richard Beaudoin warren truck, has been making the ram pick up trucks for 30 years now they’re stopping and moving it to Mexico. Warren truck is moving to just the 3500? C.W. Earle steel companies are coming back and the coal industry. Thanks Trump! We’ve had a Chrysler plant in Mexico for many years and one in Windsor but now we getting more steel from US. Thanks Trump! But read all the way the Democrats have been chasing the Truck Hallmark Christmas Movie out of this country for the past 15 years do your research and find out.