Fortnite Legend Long Sleeve T Shirt

Just because you aren’t experiencing lag doesn’t mean millions of others are not. I’ve seen the floating guns and have not been able to switch guns during a battle. As a matter of fact just a few minutes ago my game completely froze up. Only played 2 games after a very lengthy update of 10gb. Then couldn’t get into a que. Had 3 or 4 can’t connect to server errors. I guess this game is only good and has no issues for pc users. So I guess ill put it on my pc and test this b.s. out to see if that has half the shit ps4 users such as myself have. Since last weeks update the game has ran like absolute trash. They haven’t even fixed any of the major issues people have had with it. But by all means lets make sure we do a large update and add a couple more things that could screw the game up more. But yes its a free game and yes I enjoy it when its running better than it has been lately. I have 2mg download and about 1mg up and I can play perfectly fine so stop complaining that are giving updates nearly every week or so.

Fortnite Legend ShirtThis game is becoming more and more of a joke with the new updates. Seems like with every update you guys do theres another update the next day to fix the problems the new update caused. The game was perfectly fine months ago smh. Fortnite are we ever getting the completed story for save the world? it’s such a blast and I really enjoyed the first 30 so percent of the story but I grind everyday nonetheless because I freaking love it.. it’s just something I would like to know or should I stop playing and wait for it?  There’s a bug where the matchmaking gets all fucked up when the whole squad presses ‘Ready’ and it gives us an error, and we have to wait until the ready icon is able to be clicked on. They fix dozens of bugs and do something about stability issues in nearly every single update. What on earth are you going on about? Fortnite how about a zombie mode? Random 10 people are zombies,the rest fight it out for survival. One hit from zombie turns you into zombie. Last one standing wins. Upgrade to the Xbox one x! Fixed all My issues. I used to lag and drop frames all the time. Runs perfect now. It’s not a fn problem, it’s either your shit system or shitty internet.  Michael Murphy then just leave the game then go back to the lobby and turn squad fill on its not that hard bro.

You guys need to patch the bunny ears flopping all ovee the screen its getting annoying and no i wont change skins if i laid 15$ in wearing it till i die.

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