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Maybe it’s a new lifestyle without so much Bake Cookies And Watch Hallmark Christmas, traveling the world, doing those things you know you’re destined to do. You can do those unless you understand finances. Money, I don’t call it money anymore, I call it fuel units. You must have enough fuel units to live out your dream and to live out your destiny. So, I’ll see you on my website, it’s a quick video and you’ll see there absolutely free.So just click this video and you’ll be taken there in a second, and uh, I’m excited to share this amazing stuff. You’ll see, not because of anything of me but because I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from mentors many years ahead of me. Not just in books like these, although I love books but also real in-person mentors. So let me share with you these three tips that have made all the difference in my life. They’re practical, you can do them today, you can start on them today. All right? See you there on my site. I don’t know, this cat looks very tolerant of the squirrel. Maybe the squirrel was raised from when it was very young. Then again how do I know? We had a dog for 15 years, she never played fetch, got a kitten last year and plays fetch with a bobble, brings it back and drops it ready to go again, she’s the best dog I’ve had. I have a rescue cat that i got when he was young. My daughter yells FETCH and throws a toy and he still chases it and brings it back to her. Usually it is a toy mouse but sometimes it is a straw.

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When my cat was alive she used to play fetch with a sausage or what was a bird toy with feathers ended up looking like a blob of fabric. I do have an older cat but he was badly abused before i got him and it took almost 3 months before we could touch him. Now he is very snuggly but only plays with the battery operated laser toy. Maura Harris awww poor lil guy I’m glad he’s letting u touch him, my cat was my nans she was a Persian who suffered severe anxiety so she was always stuck to people she liked like glue, she was 18 years old when she passed away I miss her randomness and her attempts at highjacking my Bake Cookies And Watch Hallmark Christmas suitcases to stop me going away lol now I have a rabbit who thinks he’s a dog lol.