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As a disassociated JW who finally walked away after 23 years, I can say that they are a Russia Didn’t Make Me Vote For Trump Hillary Did Shirt, they adhere to the teachings of their bible as fact and uncompromising; the intimidation, palpable fear, hate, bigotry, and prejudges among their members makes leaving the ‘congregation (church) almost unbearable. But they are no more ‘extreme’ than Evangelistic Christians, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Jews, or Muslims. Their rules and laws are so rigid that their numbers are shrinking worldwide. Freedom of Religion and respect for the others, even with different types of beliefs. Now they remove this religion and how about tomorrow? Need to keep eye on it. Extremist ??? Seriously ? I have a few witnesses friends from more than decades ago, just like I’m friending other religion. They are nice and polite people.

How about buying Russia Didn’t Make Me Vote For Trump Hillary Did Shirt?

I did not follow their principles, just like I don’t follow other principles but mine, BUT excessive labeling it simply unfair.
There too many unfair things in this world already, don’t add one anymore. I got to the point I was fearful to answer my front door due to the fact they were coming by weekly because I was honest and told them I didn’t agree with their views. I shouldn’t feel that way every time my doorbell rings. I told them to stop coming by and they did for a time, but they have crept back. I don’t like people attempting to impose their beliefs onto me. I accept others point of view, accept mine and don’t try to change me. I am comfortable with my own views of the world. However, should they be considered extremists? I think their views are quite odd and different, but so are the views of many individuals. It is all about perception. They are not violent at all and don’t act outright hateful, yet they show they don’t approve that I love the LGBTQ community and others they do not feel fit their “approval”. Extremism is taking it a Russia Didn’t Make Me Vote For Trump Hillary Did Shirt with hate speech, violence, and denying the rights of those different from you in the community. Us Jehovah’s Witnesses have been warning people for a while that this was coming, and not just for us either. We’re just the easiest targets that the oppressors can find. We are pacifists who don’t vote, so we have no political power and obviously won’t be committing acts of terrorism. They are using us a test case, then they’ll start on others.

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And don’t think this is just a Russian problem, either. Anti-religious freedom sentiments are on the rise everywhere.