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Creig Roberts they’re playing a perfect well executed game. I don’t think they will continue to hit 3 in the 2nd half. If we can get a bigger lead it will cause them to speed up the game and that will fall right into the heels hands.  Ed Hudson I think it’s the whole unc nation , well except maybe 1% , that always get on be about not supporting him. Man forget that, he’s soft and weak lol. Go heels. Creig Roberts you’re right. Anything can happen. Unc just need to keep playing their game and attack. Play good defense and get This victory.  He is one of them players where u cannot continue to ride him. He will wilt.  2nd half team time again, time to turn on that switch again. Points in the paint and get ND in foul trouble. Let’s get this UNC!!!!!! One of the major things killing us is our guards are not fighting through screens, so bigs are stuck guarding a guard for the three, and able to drive by them. Has happened all night.

Bae Black And Educated ShirtAlso, meeks contributed to eight of their baskets right out of the gate. Acts like he doesn’t even want to be there.  Anytime you’re up at the half at this stage of the tourney you’ve got to be happy, especially with the offensive outputCarolina has had. I am struggling to understand the defensive strategy to switch out bigs onto NDs guards on ball screens, that’s asking a lot from guys like Brice to stay I front of Jackson. Hopefully the Heels make some halftime adjustments defensively and start to dig in to slow NDs offense. 100% agree with you. Need to step out on top of the screen and use the bigs to cover but guards need to recover faster.  Cool them 3 down from ND. Go to a 2-3 zone they really don’t have no good scorer big man to go down low too score; go that way 2-3 you shut down them 3s if (ND)they want making 3 this 1half wood be a blow for by the Heels.. Go Heels my say.  If they can shut Jackson and Beachem and Auguste down its over. We got Auguste and Beachem with two fouls. Got go zone ND running all over the court calm them down real fast at some point…. Keri Deshaun Gardner.  Man we need to step it up. This was a pretty bad half. Don’t leave Beachum. And Meeks, for the love of God….don’t be such a hindrance to the team ! What are you doing out there ?

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