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My Human has my back! He makes sure the 9 volt battery in my back is at maximum capacity, so my laugh can brighten his day”! I gave her a special treat every Friday night at bedtime. She knew the word “Friday” and would go to the cabinet where I kept those treats. She crossed the Rainbow Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine V-neck Shirt on January 4th.I sure miss that dog.  You know the first lady was told not to go threw it and she said nope I got this I don’t need to listen to you… Then bomb karma strikes at the most perfect time. So what do you want them to do?

Does it matter if they laughed or not? They were totally powerless in that situation. Guys this is not funny or nothing to laugh at, or giving words of criticism, we should infact pray for all the destructions that’s taking place, may God help you and everyone on earth that these things should not happen to anyone or any place , in Jesus name Amen. Killed the nature already! We can not repair any thing.


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Let us faithfully wait for the dooms day with our faith without any fear .Whatever may happen I am in the hands of God almighty to live eternally.Thanks for you meaningful video We can not pour water in the bucket because flood is already showing its power because humanbeings have harmed the nature showing their power.  What’s wrong with video makers??? They’re laughing on nature? Specially that lightning ⚡ scene.. That car driver might die. Are you really safe from lightning if you’re not inside the tallest building (or anything) in the neighbourhood. The last video was terrifying. I can guarantee I’m the first lady, but I would NOT fall, and I’d have a lot more to carry lmao. Ok I’d probably fall, but that chicken and bread in my bag is coming home muddy. ature killing this world….people doesn’t care about mother nature…only money is important n destroy the nature…so this r the Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine V-neck Shirt….save the world’s..  to have fun it, it was good also, we have fun only for that matter because we are happpy because even in that kind also a danger they still survive, and we are happy to thank God for it, but some of dirty mind they have given an other meaning as an insult, super amen.. A child mirrors the love and caring that’s been modeled to her.

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God don’t like ugly and if hell is where you think he went I’m sure you’ll be in the same Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Tank Top one day. I don’t even believe in god but you people are really trying hard to be angry because someone didn’t live the way you wanted them too. He was a loser because he did drugs? Hm he still did great charity work and helped out his friends and family. All qualities of a great man who made some dumb life choices. Have a nice day. Jose Manuel Valencia Ok and? So because he was on drugs means what? That his family, friends and fans can’t be sad ? Tf you seem like an asshole and I’m sure when you’re dead you don’t want people telling your family “well maybe if he wasn’t such a dick people would care”. Brad Mcginley And? Junkies have families and friends who love them and are sad that they die because when anyone dies people are sad because that’s the normal response. Jose Manuel Valencia We know what family member you are at the funeral “hey yeah man he died and all but he deserved it” piss off. Asia Bilal this comment section doesn’t deserve you  😭 Mac was a great person and he’s resting now. Selfish hateful ppl won’t understand and they aren’t any better than the “junkies” they hate so much.


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Jahlil Diggins lol thank you. I think people fail to realize that you can still be a good person and make mistakes or do stupid things. I think one of the best things about Mac miller was he was very open about his life. He never hid anything or put up a front. These people that are bashing him are the same ones who get defensive of you comment back to them. Mamadou Drame Youve obviously lost your damn mind but like i said keep it pushing you scum. You think calling someone a suicidal loser makes you look cool? want a cookie for being a douche bag? Didnt you know being an asshole wouldnt get you far? didnt you know that that god said that you shouldnt judge. didnt god say to shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business. Its real easy to talk shit about a dead Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Tank Top. now please excuse yourself off of my comment. LOSER All religion also agrees that you have to be a good person not to go to hell and you stamped your bus pass all the way there have a hot trip.

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Ok so you may not care about animals.. Whether whales are getting slaughtered, protection for animals on the verge of Just Do It Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything Tank Top are being lifted, protected animals are begging opened up to rich trophy hunters for sport…. Maybe you don’t care if national parklands are being sold to the highest bidder for gas/oil drilling.. Maybe it isn’t of concern to you that your electric and or gas bill will be higher because of climate warming…. But don’t you care about breathing clean air or having clean water to drink?? If not you don’t care about anything. Good luck with that mindset. And as a galactic freighter pilot in the movies, his opinion is very valuable. Even more valuable as he pilots his private pollution emitting aircraft around constantly for pleasure. I don’t want to hear one word about hoe celebrities should shut their mouths. They are voting American citizens and not just for our entertainment. They live and breathe just like us. If an artist with money…or not…has a platform to bring awareness to a large audience… I’m all for it. Kudos to Harrison Ford! Ford is also ripping on a host of liberals and their beliefs. Like those liberals mainly who don’t believe in vaccinations. Then there is the liberal scientists “the sky is falling” climate change. And goofballs who think the Earth is flat as well.


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This is just what we need! Thank you for speaking out Harrison! The criminal president fuckface administration is a threat in multiple ways but the anti science/climate denying is the biggest threat of all.  SO true. What happened to our country . We used to revere science and now we have an administration who completely disregards science. We are running out of time. We need to do this for our children. Hey, we are the state that passed “House Bill 819 (S.L. 2012-201), ban(ning) state and local agencies from basing its coastal policies on scientific models indicating an accelerating rise in sea level in favor of historical linear predictions.” In other words, we made science illegal. Here’s the end of that sentence in case you decided to read the headline and move on. ——–> for their own self-interest.”  This officer was a classmate of my daughter in MBA at Army institute of management Calcutta.A gentleman and a brave Just Do It Believe In Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything Tank Top.Regards sir. The biggest and bravest heroes

A bullet hit his head and still he fought .


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I am not sure what to believe here. I dont want to believe it BUT Reality Steve verifies hos Camping Bear I Eat People Tee and never publishes without FACT? I hope she didnt though. I went from hating Jordan to rooting for him. He was what every man should be to a woman. He treated her well. What can I say, I love reality shows, and I’m sad that they broke up. I saw a side of Jordan, that was so genuine, loving and kind, and I really thought that he had found his forever with Jenna. I’m listening to Reality Steve’s podcast with Jordan as I type and so far Jordan sounds genuine and truly blindsided by this situation.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he fabricated them against her to get out of the relationship and give himself more time in the spotlight. OK FIRST,are you TRULY shocked this relationship ended. CAMERA off REALITY starts.SECOND he is NOT straight LADIES. MISS MODEL will be out and PROUD in all do time.Still using his sea salt spray in his little HAWAIIAN outfit. And maybe then BLONDIES acting/modeling career will FINALLY go somewhere. HELL she may get lucky and become the next BACHELORETTE and waste more of OUR brain cells on B.S know where REAL love on the TV.  i don’t get how people hatred him on bachelorette??? he was always sweet & funny. that chicken guy provoked him. 

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i’ve liked him from day 1. Wait. They are saying he ended the relationship 1 day after the proposal? They were still engaged on the live show which was way more than 1 day after the proposal. I wonder how their moms feel now. That was Crystal and Chris’s moms on the show. This summer, after Jenna and Jordan became engaged, she was having an affair with a girl who she had a fling before going on BIP. He wanted her to break off with Jordan and they had a fight. The unnamed guy was mad, so he showed Reality Steve e-mails or texts from her saying she didn’t love Jordan or even like him. She was with him because she needs the money and it’s good for her business. So, can’t believe I even watch this; even more so am commenting, lol- but I have a baby I’m up with at night, so yeah; It’s on my DVR- haha. IMO- Girl is a hot mess- she gets way too friendly when she boozes it up and ends up in predicaments because if it… She even admitted she’s a Camping Bear I Eat People Tee..

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Do some fact checking next time, Mick Belcastro. ordan R. Davila Stop. Not one bit necessary. Woodstock was peace and love. Apparently, you are not, Jordan R. Davila. Sounds like a lot of you listen to your parents so do the kids still do today I was only 13 there was no way I was going not from Chicago. Would have been nice but Vietnam took my Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine Tee after graduating from college. Nice that today there is finally some respect. It says on the back of the bluray: Never before released legendary performances from Santana, The Who, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joan Baez, Jefferson Airplane, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Melanie and Sha Na Na. Also includes special features from all previous 40th Anniversary Editions. I own this edition, and read right off the back of the case. Haven’t had a chance to compare it to the previous release I own but that is what it says. Doug and Patty…neither Airplane, Butterfield blues band or Melanie were in the theatrical release from 1970.  Richard…Melanie wasn’t…but Paul Butterfield, and Airplane WERE!!! REMEMBER…’GOOD MORNING PEOPLE…’ The original theatrical cut did not have an Airplane performance…they were added back in 1994 with the directors cut…Butterfield was in neither…I know EVERY FRAME OF THAT FILM. Ten years After.

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I have kp of this Time from them. nEver find in the Internet this lP. Never. I t Must ne a Limited Edition. Ten years After was great and annother World.  Is there a common denominator between Woodstocks debut music and the so called music of today ? The only comparison I would make is the warring conflicts and wholesale drug activity, both are still there but I think the earlier artists were better, just my opinions !!!!! There appears to be no difference in what was offered for 40th anniversary. Nobody is saying what is new. Maybe nobody has bought. One of the best weeks in my life…Bob Long, Bob Thorn and myself, headed up to the festival several days early on our Harleys. We set up camp and were ready for any eventually…just too much fun…when you watch the Woodstockmovie, you see Bill Colyer with his red English cap on, several times through the film…that is also too cool… Richard Smith, Airplane was not added in any “94” cut. They we’re in Every cut of the Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine Tee including the Theatrical “70” release. In the “94” release, they added footage to the existing Airplane footage.

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Everyone’s mad about Nike, yet they go to Starbucks and buy an over priced coffee every day from a company that refused to send coffee to soldiers actively fighting a war…. Why should they get Starbucks coffee anyway ? They are not vacation. They chose to go to Nike Just Rick It Tank Top, and war it is.  I just bought a frap from there a couple weeks ago. I rarely go there anyways so xD I probably go there once a year if they’re lucky. My family boycotted Starbucks as well. Funny how the chain is having so many closures by the end of the year. John Trujillo I’m just saying all these people want to be up in arms because they think Nike is wrong for using who they did in their add because people feel he disrespected military personnel. Yet they aren’t mad about Starbucks. Levi Koch but meanwhile in Castle Rock, they are about to build Starbucks #6 lol. Chemically tasting stuff, local coffee shops are so much better. William Killingbeck google all you want it was long ago. Also a homeless vet was turned away from coffee when my mom was in a Starbucks because the cashier said he was to dirty. John Trujillo because war is commercialized, we had BK,Pizza hut and many other companies step up to serve us on bases in war zones or they send is such things as pizza and coffee from home to help ease the stresses of war.

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And while NIKE and others think this is no big deal, REMEMBER. …This university has ALUMNI. Alumni spend money on sports memorabilia. They also talk to their family and friends. There’s an unending tide of customers dropping NIKE! If educators believed this was a good response, maybe we should remove our students from small Christian college? Reason: they don’t understand the WHY!!!! Kaepernick…. did you ever imagine this in your wildest dreams….. just look at your claim to fame…… they won’t even let you out to play. Awe, John Trujillo is hurt that this college doesn’t like his favorite brand anymore, give him some space to cry it out. Missy N Sam Collins thank you for pointing that out, I’ve been asking for a source from those two, that must be why they haven’t responded lmao. Of course this private college and any individual has the right to take this action and I support everyone’s freedoms of choice…but the President of The College of the Ozarks speaks of “shame” my Jesus is ashamed of your behavior and Nike Just Rick It Tank Top sir.

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Look! They are all over Australia, South Africa. We even have some in Plymouth, at PriscillaLosing My Mind One Baby Shark At A Time Sweater Do some google searching if you are confused about how they work. Ohhh Jemma Jackson! I just know for a fact that the minute the kids come back into school this is gonna be the number one Break Time activity!!!!! Ahhhhhh. How funny would it be on a show in one of the costume changes would it be for a load of the kids to be in sharkcostumes hidden behind black boxes. Some in baby shark outfits jump out, then hide, mummy sharks jump out do their bit and hide and so on until the end. after you mentioned about the babyshark this is all that’s coming up on Facebook! Made me laugh that it come be a spin class song!! Hahahaha! Don’t encourage me! Having two kids, I have a very strong background! Hundreds of kids songs and nursery rhymes in my library! Look at the girl end right. She’s really doing it nicely. It’s not just exercise, it’s how you do it.

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The rest are having fun but probably doing themselves more harm than good. this is the song H sang in school and I was trying to sing to you on our run! All the actions are spot on! Xx enjoy your hols. Kisses for your girls… I have no idea what I just watched, but I can tell you I would be way more likely to attend Spin class if it involved this. since your collegue has recently dropped Zorbas Dance from his spin soundtrack, may I make another suggestion? if you get tired of all that relaxing thai chi stuff… here’s something for you. You could do it with Layla both dressed as sharks . I can’t help hoping they’ll swap their arms over at some point so the top one becomes the bottom one and vice versa, so they are exercised evenly . Ha ha. Craig says his version’s better! He still teaches this every year and apparently his ex students pretty much only remember this song and not much else! That’s what would have happened to me ….. Fall off and flop Around on the floor like a fish out of water !! SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS !! I can think of no earthly Losing My Mind One Baby Shark At A Time Sweater why but this reminded me why. I’m blaming “control the centre squares” kid from your chess club.

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Your comment and alllllllll those who think that’s “funny” (WTF?!) are everything that’s wrong with Amerikka. Don’t blame the pussy grabbing lunatic, blame your parents. There may very well be some truth to this but bruh, the dude just died, which ultimately makes this comment insensitive and inappropriate. This will make starving artists…starve longer!! Lol…seriously…give an ARTIST a chance!! Kick the bot, pay the person!! If you have ever spent hours with a 3M projector tracing a design on a Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tank Top you will definitely appreciate this item. The erasable aspect to periodically change an accent for a room would be great. I’m sure there are limits and a learning curve but still a great idea!

How come flat earth believer’s always blame NASA for everything? It’s like in their minds they’re the only ones who’ve been to space. And wouldn’t Russia out the US in an instant if they were lying? I love that “Russian” arguments ? couse United States were created by themselves…

Meaning of Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tank Top


And there’s always a dumb globie that tells me that you can see curvature from an airplane ?? dude, not even in your imaginary globe would you be able to see it… But i guess perpective is hard to understand…. I love how everything you’ve said Fernando disproves your flat earth theory… I’m over here dying at your stupidity . Fernando Rei you don’t see the lights vanishing, you’ll see them as a long line of light but you see them. So Fernão de Magalhães basically looked like a duck in a lake is that it? Fernando, as much as i want to mock you for believing the earth is flat im not going to.. But i do have one question, why? If the earth is indeed flat, why keep it a Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tank Top from everybody.. Not like anyone has anything to gain from it. Guys like him will believe the whole world is againts them and will believe any kind of conspiracy even tho is nonsense. But then they feel they are better than everybody because they are the only ones who can see the “truth” and we’ve all been living a lie.

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This is more of a psychological condition rather than basic use of logic and common sense, even if you take the guy to the space and show him earth he will not believe it, because the need of feeling special and unique is so much that it’ll make the guy believe is fictional or the world conspired against him again. Jose Sanchez-Vegas as a previous social worker, I can understand the need to hold on to a ridiculous idea. He will also surround himself with people who have the same type of illness.

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If you are thinking of killing your family? Just snuff out urself First. It can’t be that bad – Run away to another I’m A Spoiled Wife I Have A Freaking Awesome Husband Tank Top and ditch em. Get some medication – Happy pills can work. Just sayin. That’s not how Uber works, you agree to the fare before the driver even arrives, it’s a set price, it doesn’t go up if the driver takes a longer route, or you get stuck in traffic, etc. A couple years ago, you would get charged more if the driver deviated from the recommended route, or made an error. You could dispute it, but I had multiple rides where this happened. Apparently Uber charges are different in different countries. In England, for example, I’ve been told they can charge like this. My mom came to visit me and took Uber from her hotel to my house. The driver took her to the wrong address, when they got lost she called me and I told them how to get to my house. He charged her twice what the original amount was supposed to be. This was like two weeks ago in Washington state.  Yeah the fare up front is only an estimate, not a guarantee. It will definitely go up in traffic or if you take a longer route. Nathan Mason you are mixing two completely different things. I have never heard of the fair going up because of heavy traffic.


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When you say “if you take a longer route,” who is “you” in this case? If it’s the driver who decides that then no. I don’t know why any passenger would insist on taking a longer route, really doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’ve told the driver several times which route to take because it’s FASTER, for which I’ve always been thanked. I’ve never been charged for that. Uber charges per mile AND per minute and the rate they give in advance is an ESTIMATE only.


In Chicago for instance, it is approximately $1.75 base fare, then approx $0.25 per minute and $1.00 per mile.


The only way to get a guaranteed rate in advance is to take an Uber Pool. The Thanksgiving letter about having the 2 child predators as family guests…I do not care who was convicted when, if you’re a sick child predator, you do not walk through my door & especially if children are present. And if certain family I’m A Spoiled Wife I Have A Freaking Awesome Husband Tank Top have a problem with that & actually WANT those sick fucks around, THEY TOO can F off for good.  

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Kevin was the man who actually got me to start following mma. I remember watching him the first time and thinking this guy is a freak of Bas Smit Tank Top.After the fight with Maurice I was hooked and made sure to watch every fight after. Bas can you or anyone you know who knows the guys from roots of fight will they please make a Kevin randleman t shirt in memory of him perhaps some of the money from shirts can go to his family we all know mma gets a bad name let’s show respect to a legend and also put him in ufc hall of fame I want a monster t shirt come on everyone who sees this message roots of fight we need to remember this legend God speed bas you were lucky to share the octagon and have known him. Beautifully written man. But one part I didn’t get, did you guys share a room? Or you saw him in the hallway the night before the fight?


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Bas its Elizabeth. This was one of Kevin’s favorite stories, So much so it is in the book we just finished. And you my friend, where one of his favorite people. He loved you. Call you tomorrow about the memorial. Teared up a little on this one. You are the man Bas Rutten. All my best memories of MMA involve guys like Kevin Randleman, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, guys like that. The old guard. Back when it was the real deal. Thank you for this. Hey Liz I love you I hope you are okay if you ever need anything just let me know I got you ,it’s been to long I hope to see you soon God bless you Kevin is in a better place now ,stay strong . God bless! Kevin was such a great guy! I’ll never forget the few times I had the opportunity to hang out with him. RIP Kevin! Stay strong Elizabeth! My Condolences Mrs. Randleman, he is a great man and the world is a better Bas Smit Tank Top because he was in it, i’m so sorry. Teared up a little on this one. You are the man Bas Rutten. All my best memories of MMA involve guys like Kevin Randleman, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, guys like that. The old guard. Back when it was the real deal. Thank you for this.  I’ve been showing my son Bas Rutten videos since he showed an interest in wrestling but this post is even better.