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Your comment and alllllllll those who think that’s “funny” (WTF?!) are everything that’s wrong with Amerikka. Don’t blame the pussy grabbing lunatic, blame your parents. There may very well be some truth to this but bruh, the dude just died, which ultimately makes this comment insensitive and inappropriate. This will make starving artists…starve longer!! Lol…seriously…give an ARTIST a chance!! Kick the bot, pay the person!! If you have ever spent hours with a 3M projector tracing a design on a Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tank Top you will definitely appreciate this item. The erasable aspect to periodically change an accent for a room would be great. I’m sure there are limits and a learning curve but still a great idea!

How come flat earth believer’s always blame NASA for everything? It’s like in their minds they’re the only ones who’ve been to space. And wouldn’t Russia out the US in an instant if they were lying? I love that “Russian” arguments ? couse United States were created by themselves…

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And there’s always a dumb globie that tells me that you can see curvature from an airplane ?? dude, not even in your imaginary globe would you be able to see it… But i guess perpective is hard to understand…. I love how everything you’ve said Fernando disproves your flat earth theory… I’m over here dying at your stupidity . Fernando Rei you don’t see the lights vanishing, you’ll see them as a long line of light but you see them. So Fernão de Magalhães basically looked like a duck in a lake is that it? Fernando, as much as i want to mock you for believing the earth is flat im not going to.. But i do have one question, why? If the earth is indeed flat, why keep it a Rapper Logic Fuck The Wall Tank Top from everybody.. Not like anyone has anything to gain from it. Guys like him will believe the whole world is againts them and will believe any kind of conspiracy even tho is nonsense. But then they feel they are better than everybody because they are the only ones who can see the “truth” and we’ve all been living a lie.

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This is more of a psychological condition rather than basic use of logic and common sense, even if you take the guy to the space and show him earth he will not believe it, because the need of feeling special and unique is so much that it’ll make the guy believe is fictional or the world conspired against him again. Jose Sanchez-Vegas as a previous social worker, I can understand the need to hold on to a ridiculous idea. He will also surround himself with people who have the same type of illness.

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If you are thinking of killing your family? Just snuff out urself First. It can’t be that bad – Run away to another I’m A Spoiled Wife I Have A Freaking Awesome Husband Tank Top and ditch em. Get some medication – Happy pills can work. Just sayin. That’s not how Uber works, you agree to the fare before the driver even arrives, it’s a set price, it doesn’t go up if the driver takes a longer route, or you get stuck in traffic, etc. A couple years ago, you would get charged more if the driver deviated from the recommended route, or made an error. You could dispute it, but I had multiple rides where this happened. Apparently Uber charges are different in different countries. In England, for example, I’ve been told they can charge like this. My mom came to visit me and took Uber from her hotel to my house. The driver took her to the wrong address, when they got lost she called me and I told them how to get to my house. He charged her twice what the original amount was supposed to be. This was like two weeks ago in Washington state.  Yeah the fare up front is only an estimate, not a guarantee. It will definitely go up in traffic or if you take a longer route. Nathan Mason you are mixing two completely different things. I have never heard of the fair going up because of heavy traffic.


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When you say “if you take a longer route,” who is “you” in this case? If it’s the driver who decides that then no. I don’t know why any passenger would insist on taking a longer route, really doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’ve told the driver several times which route to take because it’s FASTER, for which I’ve always been thanked. I’ve never been charged for that. Uber charges per mile AND per minute and the rate they give in advance is an ESTIMATE only.


In Chicago for instance, it is approximately $1.75 base fare, then approx $0.25 per minute and $1.00 per mile.


The only way to get a guaranteed rate in advance is to take an Uber Pool. The Thanksgiving letter about having the 2 child predators as family guests…I do not care who was convicted when, if you’re a sick child predator, you do not walk through my door & especially if children are present. And if certain family I’m A Spoiled Wife I Have A Freaking Awesome Husband Tank Top have a problem with that & actually WANT those sick fucks around, THEY TOO can F off for good.  

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Kevin was the man who actually got me to start following mma. I remember watching him the first time and thinking this guy is a freak of Bas Smit Tank Top.After the fight with Maurice I was hooked and made sure to watch every fight after. Bas can you or anyone you know who knows the guys from roots of fight will they please make a Kevin randleman t shirt in memory of him perhaps some of the money from shirts can go to his family we all know mma gets a bad name let’s show respect to a legend and also put him in ufc hall of fame I want a monster t shirt come on everyone who sees this message roots of fight we need to remember this legend God speed bas you were lucky to share the octagon and have known him. Beautifully written man. But one part I didn’t get, did you guys share a room? Or you saw him in the hallway the night before the fight?


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Bas its Elizabeth. This was one of Kevin’s favorite stories, So much so it is in the book we just finished. And you my friend, where one of his favorite people. He loved you. Call you tomorrow about the memorial. Teared up a little on this one. You are the man Bas Rutten. All my best memories of MMA involve guys like Kevin Randleman, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, guys like that. The old guard. Back when it was the real deal. Thank you for this. Hey Liz I love you I hope you are okay if you ever need anything just let me know I got you ,it’s been to long I hope to see you soon God bless you Kevin is in a better place now ,stay strong . God bless! Kevin was such a great guy! I’ll never forget the few times I had the opportunity to hang out with him. RIP Kevin! Stay strong Elizabeth! My Condolences Mrs. Randleman, he is a great man and the world is a better Bas Smit Tank Top because he was in it, i’m so sorry. Teared up a little on this one. You are the man Bas Rutten. All my best memories of MMA involve guys like Kevin Randleman, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, guys like that. The old guard. Back when it was the real deal. Thank you for this.  I’ve been showing my son Bas Rutten videos since he showed an interest in wrestling but this post is even better.


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For her Birthday Term Limits needs to be set in place.. Yes, age matters, but at what point do you realize that not all 80 years olds are functionally sound? I agree, At her age she must be forgetting a lot of things.

Nursing Home will be her next house…  As always it depends on who’s giving the test?


Liberals would Mark anyone who is a conservative as having low IQ!


The conservatives Would mark anyone who is a liberal as being insane! Don Rogers okay troll in the first place dumb people don’t become billionaires and successfully run a international business. I would say that old hag needs to be in a nursing home but there’s no reason the rest of the tenant’s should have to suffer putting up with her. I don’t believe she lives in the district she represents.


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Now that should be a mandatory law you must live in the district you represent. I thought she was 90

it’s good to wish for Somthing that can come true

She is reaching into a sound bite that matches her intelligence


. Rita Jones, when you copied and pasted, you forgot to change “she” to “he”. It’s bad enough you can’t come up with your own original thought, the least you could have done is make that change. Gold participation star for you on removing the ‘wo’ from woman to fit. Rita Jones, when you copied and pasted, you forgot to change “she” to “he”. It’s bad enough you can’t come up with your own original thought, the least you could have done is make that change. Gold participation star for you on removing the ‘wo’ from woman to fit. ita Jones ???, Who was it that made the first comment on my post? That person must care, or they wouldn’t have felt compelled to copy and paste. Work smarter? Meaning… agree with everything the left throws out, accuse this POTUS of anything the media and Dems can come up with, and give a free ride to every scandal that happened during the last administration? I’ve been told often we should forget about the past and focus on the now, but for some reason, so many don’t want to focus on the ‘now’ of bringing justice to those responsible for causing all the distractions. I feel compelled to do that. Audra Renee Ratliff the troll with zero to add to the thread by the biggest troll on the thread Gary You two should meet up.

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Could you be any more obvious with your spoilers?! First of all the promo ad pretty much gave away the team going to tribal, then the first half hour of the episode gave it away by almost exclusively showing the contenders scheming and idol searching, and then the final dead give away was the music and editing during the challenge. Far out, stop giving everything away! You don’t need to watch the whole show, because they already let you know which tribe goes to tribunal before you even watch it! Need more footballers like that, 1 minute out of his day and his shirt gave that young child a 8645 Tank Top they will never forget.  And on another vid the greatest player in the world and an idol to Liverpool fans wouldn’t put his car window down to sign an autograph in stationary traffic, that ppl is the difference in class! Kassidy has grown up…uggghh..her and my daughter Mykell used to skate together and have the same birthday’s and i think they discovered they are only 4 hours apart..Mrs. Kemper was my oldest daughters PE teacher.

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Never been at that restaurant at Metigoshe but the consensus is that its good. What a beautiful family. You are so cool and I just wanted to let you know that. You are funny, and a kid at heart. Handsome and a very down to earth type of person. Keep up the great work. GOD bless you and your family. Lol seems like we like your mom more. She was my favorite gym teacher and also sub for anatomy. Let her know I said hello! Love that you coe back to your home town for the holidays are are not afraid to be seen around the community without body gaurds. I have purchased an Arrow Sport USA shirt from Arrow shop in Mumbai and paid Rs. 2500. There was a defect in the shirt which is not possible to repair. I have sent photos and several mails to their company but have got no response. I want to share this with all of you to avoid being cheated like me. This company is actually an Indian company based in Bangalore and not form USA as the name claims to be. I believe this company is a 8645 Tank Top company which gets it shirts stitched from tailors sitting by the roadside. If it was a big company which had anything to do with good quality products, this shirt would never have passed their quality check procedures. It is my request to all of you please share this mail to your friends to avoid being cheated. These so called big brands should really get the stick and get financial losses so they stop cheating in broad daylight.

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Your health is priceless so don’t skimp on food quality. Pay that extra dollar or 2 and don’t buy other things which aren’t as important as what you put into your body.  It lowers the pH of our blood which draws the phosphate out of our bones to neutralize and by doing so causes you to pee out the previously attached calcium, higher calcium foods like milk are only enough to balance itself out but not add any additional to your diet which is something a lot of being have to watch. We have become a society which eats things like cheese on every single meal every single day and if we’re gonna survive as a #SchoolsNotPrisons Tee (both health wise and environmentally) we’ve gotta cut down, no ones saying to cut it out but it’s popular knowledge that the amount we consume is unhealthy. Idk why we’re so willing to adapt to change until it inconveniences our taste buds.

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There is a reason that we’re the only omnivorous species which gets heart diseases due to clogged arteries and if we don’t cut down and start educating ourselves we’re simply not gonna last on this earth. There’s more nutrients essential to your body than just “oh but my protein!!”. And I totally agree Georgina what you skimp on now is what you will pay in hospital bills and years so many affordable ways to eat a healthier diet as well. Some kids don’t make it to school because their parent gets into accident. Helpful tip if your going to be late call school drive speed limit. Don’t be this guy and not care. March 15 2016 Roseland officer causes a accident south bend Indiana. Going 60 plus in 30 not wearing his belt and child under 7 in front seat without booster seat. As a child in the 50s and 60s in a southern California ranching and farming town I walked and then later rode my bike a little over a mile to elementary school, then later rode my ten speed across town to junior high, I’m guessing about three miles. All this was either alone or with schoolmates, such a different time then.

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 I am David Allen…we are currently hiring male or female workers with working experience in our newly opened company here in Canada, interested to live and work here should inbox me and send me a Facebook request. Some of these commenters need to realize that not everyone lives in a #SchoolsNotPrisons Tee where your schools are within a couple of blocks of your home. Up until I was 14, it would have taken me a 1-hour walk through drug- and crime-infested areas to get to school. And most of my classmates lived 5-15 miles from school.

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I’m clearly white, my husband is black. We met at salsa lessons 6 years ago. I always loved how accepting and diverse the salsa crowd was in my city! I met and became friends with so many people from all walks of life. The period of time that I was really involved in our salsa Matt Carpenter Salsa Shirt gave me some of my favorite memories when my kids are a bit older I’ll get involved again. Wepa! Correct ….that’s just what am doing…i learned spanish,,Creole besides my English and French….worked in Haiti visited the Dominican Republic,Jamaïca,several states of the US.I tell you its amazing learning other cultures and foods. 

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Tania Viñas, wrong! Salsa represents a mix of Latin musical genres, but its primary component is Cuban dance music. The roots of salsa originated in Eastern Cuba (Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo) from the Cuban Son (about 1920) and Afro-Cuban dance (like Afro-Cuban rumba). (I know this because I’m Cuban. My family is from Santiago, Cuba). Emotional intelligence should be a prerequisite when one obtains any leadership type career!  Joede Brown close enough love!! We know what you meant, and we’ll serve it up with some plantains. Marc Anthony has always been skinny but he looks alit skinner than I’ve ever seen him. My first thought was cancer. I hope not cancer nor a drug addict but fact is he doesn’t look healthy at all.. praying for him. Very cool!! I have a special place in my heart for Marc Anthony because he was very kind to my father when he met him in New Orleans at a club (I had no idea my dad even knew who Marc Anthony was!). He waved off his body guards when my dad went to talk to him, he sat and chatted with him and took a picture with him…it was one of the highlights of my dad’s life, who always gave so much of himself and his heart to others. Friday will be 2 years since my dad’s passing. Marc Anthony is so thin. He looks he could use a good plate of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and collard greens. Bless his heart. To all the haters talking crap about Marc Anthony and his weight, first of all he’s always been a Matt Carpenter Salsa Shirt. None of you have anything good to say about someone then don’t say nothing at all!! Boricua hasta la MUERTE. Sick or not..their having fun! That’s what life is all about! Who cares how he looks! Care that he’s smiling..laughing and enjoying life at that very moment!  

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As a disassociated JW who finally walked away after 23 years, I can say that they are a Russia Didn’t Make Me Vote For Trump Hillary Did Shirt, they adhere to the teachings of their bible as fact and uncompromising; the intimidation, palpable fear, hate, bigotry, and prejudges among their members makes leaving the ‘congregation (church) almost unbearable. But they are no more ‘extreme’ than Evangelistic Christians, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Jews, or Muslims. Their rules and laws are so rigid that their numbers are shrinking worldwide. Freedom of Religion and respect for the others, even with different types of beliefs. Now they remove this religion and how about tomorrow? Need to keep eye on it. Extremist ??? Seriously ? I have a few witnesses friends from more than decades ago, just like I’m friending other religion. They are nice and polite people.

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I did not follow their principles, just like I don’t follow other principles but mine, BUT excessive labeling it simply unfair.
There too many unfair things in this world already, don’t add one anymore. I got to the point I was fearful to answer my front door due to the fact they were coming by weekly because I was honest and told them I didn’t agree with their views. I shouldn’t feel that way every time my doorbell rings. I told them to stop coming by and they did for a time, but they have crept back. I don’t like people attempting to impose their beliefs onto me. I accept others point of view, accept mine and don’t try to change me. I am comfortable with my own views of the world. However, should they be considered extremists? I think their views are quite odd and different, but so are the views of many individuals. It is all about perception. They are not violent at all and don’t act outright hateful, yet they show they don’t approve that I love the LGBTQ community and others they do not feel fit their “approval”. Extremism is taking it a Russia Didn’t Make Me Vote For Trump Hillary Did Shirt with hate speech, violence, and denying the rights of those different from you in the community. Us Jehovah’s Witnesses have been warning people for a while that this was coming, and not just for us either. We’re just the easiest targets that the oppressors can find. We are pacifists who don’t vote, so we have no political power and obviously won’t be committing acts of terrorism. They are using us a test case, then they’ll start on others.

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And don’t think this is just a Russian problem, either. Anti-religious freedom sentiments are on the rise everywhere.

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This movie will surely gross more than the Epic Fail Justice League. Spider-Man’s t3 skill is called “i don’t feel so good”. Gerson Domingo Relojero it opened but with issues and was closed. It will open again later. If Ebony Maw’s uni is not called Squidward Im uninstalling lol jk. Also Drax uni better make him invisible like he was in the movie.  Meh. just a cash grab now. no interest in t3 or 4 or 5. more engaging content that lasts longer than 5 min would be nice.  I agree! Who in the bright mind made a game where you enter a stage twice and have to wait 21hrs until the entry is reseted!

Or your energy is out. “Please buy more or wait a few more hours.” Get the fck out!!! yup I’ve been playing since launch and it just doesn’t excite me anymore….very sad. would love for netmarble to work on some sort of story or challenge that keeps players going  That’s what I have always been saying about T3….It’s a huge cash grab….And because of some whales in the game who just buy anything they come across,Netmarble brings in more cash grabbing deals…..So other players suffer…..This all began cause of the damn Ultimates update.  Even though i agree that this game is a lot better than contest of champions i gotta admit that contest of champions is much more active.  Totally agree. I’ve also been playing since launch , the contents just become more boring with each update, it becomes a grinding game.They could work on better character balancing than introducing t3 character to us. I still remember the excitement i once had when there is new update coming out… It’s just sad to see everything has changed, not for better but worse, I love what they did for fans, I once thought they might be fans just like us, but now I just see business men who just want more money from their end users, lack passion and surprise… I think the only reason I’m still here is my love to the characters. Looking for a tough fight with coop system? You should try DC Unchained, even your maxed out you’ll not have an easy win. But sadly, it’s mats really hard to get

I play both actually and mff really the easiest. No matter how many t3 you release as long as its takes too long to acquire and eats too many resources people will eventually get bored. Why? So far I can do everything in the game including shadow land and ultimate world boss (I can get to 19 only because you need cap t3) with just my t2 characters I have now.

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I’ve got someone point blank with a legendary heavy in the head and only done 1 damage 4 times in a row only for the guy to turn round and one shot kill me with a green revolver. I know this because once I was dead he dropped it for my heavy. ‘Cause you have to aim for the body… Though last time I managed to sneak up behind a sniper I did 235 or so damage with a headshot from an uncommon pump shotgun – and that from several meters away, which isn’t point-blank at all. So many things they can vault. No one uses the bush, lmg, minigun, crossbow, desert eagle, magnum.  Christopher Brown you’re crazy saying no one uses the LMG, magnum, or hand cannon. Also crossbow has been vaulted. I use the lmg time to time, have gotten kills with the hand cannon and magnum but i dont really like them. Christopher Brown I use the revolver and desert eagle, just because you don’t use them doesn’t mean other people don’t. Rip fortnite. Cod did the same. Look where it is now. Was thinking the same thing. they are messing with the flow of the game to much adding Jetpacks in, I hope they don’t stick around, or I wont be buying Season 5 BP and ill likly stop playing the game.  I think it is pretty good, same thing woulf get tired quick. + they put this for trial time, if its does not work they will remove it. Fortnite Just Play It T ShirtStop crying and enjoy the game, if you dont then nobody cares. Oleksandr Katailo whos crying? all i said, was i hope it don’t stick around. and if it does i wont support the game anymore by buying the BP… Ricky ‘Tricksy’ Farndon it says it right there. You should try reading the patch notes first. I wish ya would stop complaining the jetpack hasn’t even come out yet. Cod was ruined before they added jetpacks. And to be honest this would be perfect for the floor is lava mode and 50 vs 50 on a future map. Oleksandr Katailo nobodys is crying granpa. I lovr this game. Just like i did with call of duty. Then they added jetpacks. Never playt it after that. Courtland Tippitt i wish you just scroll when you read something you dont like. My opinion i dont ask for your opinion.

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