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Trump is illegally in office, based on the amount of election interference coming to light. If this can be proved….. but with the Supreme Court compromised and stacked in Trump’s favor now….Justice will be an uphill battle. Another New York times story another source of I was Trump I would put all this Media houses behind bars together with their sources because as the Media you have to verify the fact and the authenticity of the story before broadcast it because when this false stories get discovered that they are false nothing happens to this Media houses as the penalties or fine for publish or broadcasting false stories because that can have an impact in the governing of the country by publishing false information to the people or the country. Contemplative. What are you thinking about, Grumpy. What is it that you see? Could it be that you are deciding if you want to go after that mouse?. Holy crap. Something coming to a movie theater that’s actually original as a movie? Hint to producers around the world: Hit the library shelves now and then. My own Official Jack Skellington Stay Out Of My Bubble Tee has enough great SF and fantasy to keep theaters in business for fifty years without ever having to cough up a sequel. If this gets read please please please give us your cineomatic artistry on a Dragonlance Chronicles this is a series just begging to be brought to life as beautifully as Lord of the Rings. Just wanna let ya’ll know a fact about Hollywood big budget films and the trailers that come from them.

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Usually the studio hands over the making of a trailer over to a third party company thats sole purpose is to make trailers for films. They don’t care a lick about the story or even know what it is. So when you see a generic flashy shows pretty much everything trailer, it usally came from a trailer producing company. Also until you yourself actually produce a major big budget film you have no room to complain about it. More often than anything the producing company and producers (the ones that funs the project) end up making the choices in that regard, among other things. It’s a tough Official Jack Skellington Stay Out Of My Bubble Tee, they spend several days and months with long hours many would piss and moan about. Ya’ll cant even handle a normal 8 hour day, well guess what Peter Jackson is pulling 20 hour days for months to direct this thing. Just appreciate the film for what it is and enjoy the fact we are able to have this sort of entertainment.

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2018 Pearl Jam Halloween Tee

My sincerest condolences to you and your family Tracy. May God comfort and strengthen you all in this your time of bereavement..Silent o be silent God knows what is best. My deepest sympathy Tracy with the sad loss of your dear father…may the 2018 Pearl Jam Halloween Tee of God eminate thru you to support your dear mom and family….thinking of you in this sad time…lots of love! Condolences Tracey – may God give you strength in this time and to always hold close to your heart that which your father has taught and showed you. Hi Tracey my Deepest sympathy to you and your family, May the grace of a dear Lord give you all much strength in this time, i will surely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Condolence to you and the family Tracey. I recently lost my father too he was a man of God a priest at the New Apostolic to be exact.. This isn’t a easy road but there’s one thing that’s for sure we have nothing to be worried about they are in the beyond with our heavenly father. I pray that God will give you and your family all the strength and comfort you need you in my prayers. My condolences to you and your family and the Lord give you the strength and peace during this time of bereavement. Deepest condolences Tracey. May you find peace knowing your dad is safe and happy always looking down on you and the family . All the best to you and your family. God bless.

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Our deepest condolences to you and your family and may the sadness your heart feels be replaced with joy , remembering the good times you and your dad shared. Rest in peace my friend. You are the one to inform and ibbute me to all the musical afternoons at your church who will do that honour now. Sympathy to all your family. From Vaughan and Gail Samson. Ha this song came on the radio yesterday when I got in the car with my daughter, and she went to change the radio to her 2018 Pearl Jam Halloween Tee. She got a death glare, and I was like, yeah no. I like some of Pearl Jams early stuff like “Ten” but the rest is just sub par forgettable dribble. Eddie Vedder just so redundant. Really takes away from the musical quality of the group. Haven’t we been beaten over the head with this song enough?

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So hype for Saturday omg I can’t wait. We can beat the Rams then beat the eagles and if the aints Win get to meet them in the NFC Championship game and beat them in there Home stadium (the old Benz) to go to the super bowl How sweet it would be. So many times a Nike Atlanta Falcons Family Hoodie makes the super bowl. I want to see a rematch with new England and the falconsmake a 4th quarter come back win. And bring the saints on to the nfc championship. Perfection. It wasn’t as pretty or dominant as last year, but we are here where other teams who were said to be “better” or “more consistent” should’ve been. Proud to be in the. Win or Lose, Falcons fan for life. (Sometimes it’s really hard to be one too!). I’ll be at work but I will find a patient who is aFalcons Fan and will be in their room the whole game. Let’s do this! t is time for the Brotherhood to put it all together and show the talent and pride our ATL Falcons are capable of. Get serious and kick some playoff butts.

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We are a sleeping giant love how people write us off and count us out that’s when we are the most dangerous. Of the NFC’s six playoff teams from last year,Atlanta is the only one to return. Dallas, Detroit, Green Bay, the New York Giants and Seattle out. As a Falcons fan since 97, who was born and raised in Long Beach…welcome! I saw us destroy the Lambs at the colosseum last year, lets destroy them again and start the playoffs right!  A quarterback exercising a Warrior mentality is the idea state of mind for a winning environment. That’s to say, a Gladiator Quarterback leads in numbers and physical commitment for the ultimate victory. The Talented Falcons’ roster will follow their Gladiator “Quarterback.” Most of my family in South Florida it’s Dolphins fans but since 91 I have grown to be a Falcons fan for life rise up Brotherhood is our time. There is a strange, desperate, sad and unconvincing tone to this hype video. How do you screw up a hype video?!? This is how. From a Rams fan, Great Game Falcons. I wasnt expecting that from the Falcons. Yall came ready to play and really stuck together. We’ll keep our heads up and come back next year….. Have another great game in Philly! Yawn. Jermaine Dupri? Seriously? This is everything that’s wrong with this team in a Nike Atlanta Falcons Family Hoodie. The only thing missing is a Jerry Glanville reference. Didn’t feel like paying Migos or Lil Uzi Vert or any other Atlanta artist from, you know, the 21st Century, so you trotted our a guy who hasn’t been relevant since Steve Bartkowski last threw a pass to do a remix of a song that sucked in the first place.  Ok, so the Rams won’t like a stale offense!?! Their defense will eat the Falcon’s offense alive! But the Falcons Defense will keep the birds in the game. 31-10 Rams. Prove me wrongFalcons! I hope you will PROVE ME WRONG!

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Now they seek to make Don’t Mess With Auntasaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked Hoodie more “fixing” the problem that they created in the first place? I, for one, say no. I would hope we all would by this point. The science is behind medication assisted treatment. There is no way around that. I fail to see the benefit of fast acting, however, what makes bupenorphine and methadone work is the long half-life. Fast acting drugs are more prone to be abused. What are people supposed to do that have major surgeries and need pain medication? I had reconstructive surgery on my right ankle 4 1/2 months ago and was given 60 oxycodone pills. My surgery included a four month recovery process along with learning to walk again. Half of that prescription was gone in the first two weeks. I have suffered through pain because my surgeon told me “the laws are very clear”, when I asked for more. Addicts are getting pills on the street, black market. Law abiding citizens are suffering after surgeries because laws have been passed restricting what doctors can prescribe.

Our lawmakers just don’t seem to understand that these laws restrict law abiding citizens. Addicts and criminals are going to get their pills because that’s what they do. Boy, I could vent a lot about this. It has made too many people suffer. And just when is this state going to regulate medical marijuana, I have stage iv metastatic breast cancer and in the bones. The bone pain is excruciating.


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I’m sick of this ignorance. I shouldn’t be suffering this much just because I live in WV. They never exist. You are allowed to believe whatever you want. I can see where your mind and headset stand. To each their own. Brenda Faye lmfao you poor soul. Natural selection. Never existed with all the proof and the animals still alive today descending from them. Lemme guess you think the Earth is flat too. Just imagine if you were an employee in that building, had no idea what was going on and you just happened to glance out your office window. I was thinking more along the line of being out in the bush hiking, camping or hunting and having this thing pop out at ya! I doubt my feet would even touch the ground trying to get some distance between me and it. Hell, maybe even if I knew it was fake. Who’d wanna take the chance it’s not. Lol! First I’ll freeze and then slowly walking away like nothing happen but then my Don’t Mess With Auntasaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked Hoodie check my heat is beating faster then flash.

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Happy birthday as a pastor who does outreach to some drug rehab facilities like teen challenge my semicolon Choose Life Semicolon No Story Should End Too Soon Tank Top has opened some really good doors to minister to people there, that might have listened to me otherwise. Amy inspired me so much, when I was in a dark place. Her legacy lives on, in each of us. My butterfly + semicolon tattoo is over scars, to remind me every day that my story isn’t over yet. My wife and I got these on my 27th birthday. I never thought I’d make it to 27… I’ll be 30 August 16th. Never give up! You are loved! My 16 year old son lost his battle with depression on 4/11/18. My tattoo reminds me to continue to fight for him by inspiring others to keep fighting. This tattoo means a lot to me, I don’t like to say I suffer from depression, because i don’t, I live with it and i fight it. It will not win, I will. I got this a few years ago when I was having suicidal ideations. It stood for my depression. Never in my life did I think it would also be for a survivor of suicide when my dad took his life this May.


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I never thought he would because a year ago in the hospital he made me promise not to because he wouldnt be able to live without me. I made him promise the same but hes gone now.My life has been a mess since then. It also stands for my own attempt to take my life a couple weeks ago by my dad’s grave but I was found passed out and my attempt failed before I was gone. I was so sad when Amy died. Even the ones that start a revolution aren’t safe from the darkness of mental illness. It’s tragic. Got this two years ago. I taught English 6 at the time. Students thought I got it as a punctuation mark but when I told them to research it online, what a learning experience for them! So I was promised the same thing and this promise was broken, too.

I (as someone who never suffered from depression or any other mental illness) simply think this isn’t something someone can promise. They may say it and maybe even mean it at that time. But I think, when you are so far, that only death seems to be the way out and it seems to be better for everyone else when you’re dead, then this Choose Life Semicolon No Story Should End Too Soon Tank Top is far away and isn’t important anymore.

Just what it seems to me. Correct me , if I am wrong.


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Only Hillary Clinton is a career politician.

Only Hillary Clinton will not release her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks.

Only Hillary Clinton is tied to Monsanto.

Only Hillary Clinton was labeled ” Extremely careless ” about national security by the FBI !

Only Hillary Clinton said she will raise taxes on the middle class.

Only Hillary Clinton benefited from the DNC rigging an Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Shirt !

Only Hillary Clinton had to return stolen items from the White House.

Only Hillary Clinton said the Benghazi victims parents where lying.

Only Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for her based on her gender.

Only Hillary Clinton has no real accomplishments after a lifetime in politics.

Only Hillary Clinton has never created any jobs.

Only Hillary Clinton has been investigated by the FBI and found to have put national security at risk.

Only Hillary Clinton has had two or more movies and several documentaries made about her questionable ethics.

Only Hillary Clinton was called “Broomstick one” by the SS.

Only Hillary Clinton made congress and others spend millions and millions of tax dollars having hearings and investigating her to find that she lied, that would not have been spent if she would of simply told the truth in the first place ! Fact – all facts !


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Meaning of Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Youth Tee

Only Hillary Clinton regularly cussed out and belittled her SS detail.

Only Hillary Clinton Only Hillary Clinton Only Hillary Clinton over and over again.

But you are going to vote for her because…. you don’t like Donald Trump ? That is insane !

I will never understand how any moral person in good conscience could vote for this woman.

(This is just a small percentage of a much longer list but you look Go Trump go Trump this latina is voting for you! as immigrant mexican now us citizen proud of this country we need him! if obama is a candidate and they put brown bread or black pudding it will be massive scandal and race row!!! Restaurand will be burnt by blacklivematter and couple days with riots!!! this is the difference between group of Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Shirt behaviour!!! it look like now you can offend white people in other case you are racist!!! Sick.  Why do we even care what other countries think of US? They should worry about fixing their own problems instead of focusing on ours. Oh sweety, that’s what we keep saying about darn Americans.


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ou are in an amazing tour in #USA, and you probably know about #hurricaneflorence. How amazing would be if you keep the legacy of the great lyrics from your new album #highashope and promote a special song to collect donations and help the victims of the . I really haven’t listened to this album, because of an emotional storm I am in, with the love of my life, fighting to keep his😭💔 but I am positive, that one day : I will sit down, with headphones and blast, listening intently. This is how my Flove friends told me to listen to it from beginning to end.

I didn’t like it at first, but I’m glad he’s still making Machine Gun Kelly Killshot Eminem Tee, and after a few listens it grows on you. It may be different, but at least he can accept the rap world isn’t what it use to be. He needs to go back to the Lace Up type music. It sounds like a poor attempt to sound like Travis Scott. Rap Devil is the only good song on the album. I did the same damn thing. Started driving expecting some greatness to silence the haters. This isn’t anything but fuel for the fire. If you can listen to the whole thing on your commute chances are the album is too short or you need to move closer. In this case, it’s not the latter. Ryan Coffee and I never once “bitched about the length”, I bitched about the shitty lyrics/songwriting/sound.

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I’ve liked MGKs music all the way back to the Homecoming Mixtape some of you fucking kids don’t even know about that shit. Your favorite artist sucks now and sold the fuck out and couldn’t capitalize with the world watching him over this Eminem thing. Lmao Kill shot I will not fail!!

MGK just sucks. Since Bloom. Let’s talk about it.   Jen Loftin This reply shows me you have nothing else to say to me and you’re reaching like a mother fucker.

Here’s a prescription for some real. Reaching for what? Your only argument for anything seems to be how long you’ve been aware of Kells, and prior to any real fame. All I did was use an MGK line against you and you regurgitated the same shit. Don’t talk to me about having nothing to say when that’s literally all you got. I can dissect the shit out of Killshot and show you how NOT amazing it is if you’d like. But not if your Machine Gun Kelly Killshot Eminem Tee is gonna be “I known bout MGK since high school”……….

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yea good times. At first I thought he was promoting the theme for the remake of DuckTales, which by the way is awesome brendon urie. Wish we could get a revamped version of Talespin, darkwing duck and the other ‘90s classics. You can dance if you want to. You can leave you cares behind. And your friends can dance, but if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine.  Lol as if we’re still not the same Who The Fuck Is Mr Disco Tee  that make stupid decisions constantly, just now we have to make them and blame ourselves because we can’t blame anyone else. I still listen to all my old shit. The guy who left dallon weekes is in a two guy band with Ryan seaman from falling in reverse called I don’t know how but they found me. Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie were real. No shade to Brendon’s wife or whoever Ryan is with though. Hannah Victoria My Childhood Lmfao  So like now I’m imagining Brandon Urie as this huge dork who sings the Duck Tales theme song in the shower–but he just so happens to also be the famous lead singer of a band. So when he was asked to come o Jimmy Fallon and sing something like “Emperor’s New Clothes” he said “Nah, I’m gonna sing the Duck Tales theme.” I use to work for my local radio station and was in charge of driving him from the station to their hotel and airport. The entire car ride he just kept asking for requests. We literally sang every theme song a 90s kid would know. It was beautiful.

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Y’all, you gotta spell it right. The candy is gummy bears. The show is Gummi Bears. I really think it’s different when you have a whole band to make music with.  I’m 34 and the only album I didn’t love was pretty odd and that’s because they forced me to listen to Ryan. I love that every album is different. I wouldn’t be opposed to another Fever album though. I like that my daughter’s can enjoy my favorite band with me. Bethany Kirstine Goodrich I totally get what you’re saying and understand and quite frankly agree with your point. However you’re definitely putting that label towards the wrong band. Brendon just makes music he loves. The spirit was never lost, just their genre slightly and their own taste in music. You can’t stay pop-punk/folk forever. Brendon never cared/cares about selling albums, he just wants to make Who The Fuck Is Mr Disco Tee people can connect with.

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My Human has my back! He makes sure the 9 volt battery in my back is at maximum capacity, so my laugh can brighten his day”! I gave her a special treat every Friday night at bedtime. She knew the word “Friday” and would go to the cabinet where I kept those treats. She crossed the Rainbow Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine V-neck Shirt on January 4th.I sure miss that dog.  You know the first lady was told not to go threw it and she said nope I got this I don’t need to listen to you… Then bomb karma strikes at the most perfect time. So what do you want them to do?

Does it matter if they laughed or not? They were totally powerless in that situation. Guys this is not funny or nothing to laugh at, or giving words of criticism, we should infact pray for all the destructions that’s taking place, may God help you and everyone on earth that these things should not happen to anyone or any place , in Jesus name Amen. Killed the nature already! We can not repair any thing.


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Let us faithfully wait for the dooms day with our faith without any fear .Whatever may happen I am in the hands of God almighty to live eternally.Thanks for you meaningful video We can not pour water in the bucket because flood is already showing its power because humanbeings have harmed the nature showing their power.  What’s wrong with video makers??? They’re laughing on nature? Specially that lightning ⚡ scene.. That car driver might die. Are you really safe from lightning if you’re not inside the tallest building (or anything) in the neighbourhood. The last video was terrifying. I can guarantee I’m the first lady, but I would NOT fall, and I’d have a lot more to carry lmao. Ok I’d probably fall, but that chicken and bread in my bag is coming home muddy. ature killing this world….people doesn’t care about mother nature…only money is important n destroy the nature…so this r the Snoopy And Woodstock Sunflower You Are My Sunshine V-neck Shirt….save the world’s..  to have fun it, it was good also, we have fun only for that matter because we are happpy because even in that kind also a danger they still survive, and we are happy to thank God for it, but some of dirty mind they have given an other meaning as an insult, super amen.. A child mirrors the love and caring that’s been modeled to her.

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God don’t like ugly and if hell is where you think he went I’m sure you’ll be in the same Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Tank Top one day. I don’t even believe in god but you people are really trying hard to be angry because someone didn’t live the way you wanted them too. He was a loser because he did drugs? Hm he still did great charity work and helped out his friends and family. All qualities of a great man who made some dumb life choices. Have a nice day. Jose Manuel Valencia Ok and? So because he was on drugs means what? That his family, friends and fans can’t be sad ? Tf you seem like an asshole and I’m sure when you’re dead you don’t want people telling your family “well maybe if he wasn’t such a dick people would care”. Brad Mcginley And? Junkies have families and friends who love them and are sad that they die because when anyone dies people are sad because that’s the normal response. Jose Manuel Valencia We know what family member you are at the funeral “hey yeah man he died and all but he deserved it” piss off. Asia Bilal this comment section doesn’t deserve you  😭 Mac was a great person and he’s resting now. Selfish hateful ppl won’t understand and they aren’t any better than the “junkies” they hate so much.


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Jahlil Diggins lol thank you. I think people fail to realize that you can still be a good person and make mistakes or do stupid things. I think one of the best things about Mac miller was he was very open about his life. He never hid anything or put up a front. These people that are bashing him are the same ones who get defensive of you comment back to them. Mamadou Drame Youve obviously lost your damn mind but like i said keep it pushing you scum. You think calling someone a suicidal loser makes you look cool? want a cookie for being a douche bag? Didnt you know being an asshole wouldnt get you far? didnt you know that that god said that you shouldnt judge. didnt god say to shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business. Its real easy to talk shit about a dead Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Tank Top. now please excuse yourself off of my comment. LOSER All religion also agrees that you have to be a good person not to go to hell and you stamped your bus pass all the way there have a hot trip.

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