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Your health is priceless so don’t skimp on food quality. Pay that extra dollar or 2 and don’t buy other things which aren’t as important as what you put into your body.  It lowers the pH of our blood which draws the phosphate out of our bones to neutralize and by doing so causes you to pee out the previously attached calcium, higher calcium foods like milk are only enough to balance itself out but not add any additional to your diet which is something a lot of being have to watch. We have become a society which eats things like cheese on every single meal every single day and if we’re gonna survive as a #SchoolsNotPrisons Tee (both health wise and environmentally) we’ve gotta cut down, no ones saying to cut it out but it’s popular knowledge that the amount we consume is unhealthy. Idk why we’re so willing to adapt to change until it inconveniences our taste buds.

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There is a reason that we’re the only omnivorous species which gets heart diseases due to clogged arteries and if we don’t cut down and start educating ourselves we’re simply not gonna last on this earth. There’s more nutrients essential to your body than just “oh but my protein!!”. And I totally agree Georgina what you skimp on now is what you will pay in hospital bills and years so many affordable ways to eat a healthier diet as well. Some kids don’t make it to school because their parent gets into accident. Helpful tip if your going to be late call school drive speed limit. Don’t be this guy and not care. March 15 2016 Roseland officer causes a accident south bend Indiana. Going 60 plus in 30 not wearing his belt and child under 7 in front seat without booster seat. As a child in the 50s and 60s in a southern California ranching and farming town I walked and then later rode my bike a little over a mile to elementary school, then later rode my ten speed across town to junior high, I’m guessing about three miles. All this was either alone or with schoolmates, such a different time then.

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 I am David Allen…we are currently hiring male or female workers with working experience in our newly opened company here in Canada, interested to live and work here should inbox me and send me a Facebook request. Some of these commenters need to realize that not everyone lives in a #SchoolsNotPrisons Tee where your schools are within a couple of blocks of your home. Up until I was 14, it would have taken me a 1-hour walk through drug- and crime-infested areas to get to school. And most of my classmates lived 5-15 miles from school.